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    This thread is for all who have pressing issues from their sections of their state/country. Bring to light a problem and we provide a solution. As many know, education is among the top priorities besides incoming drug activity and violence in the communities, medical and health care outreach, homelessness, food and water for ourselves, . Rapresent by stating your state/country, the issue or problem and reply with a solution(s). Solutions could include how a non-profit can be funded via church, mosque, hall, temples, self-fundraising and such. We are deeper than we know and like minds are closer than you think; if the heavens declare you a ruler then let's act on it for the future sake of the G.H.E.T.T.O. House of Rapresentatives to me is the collection of a people as One Nation powered and varying by degrees like sun rays in a 360. Each Rapresentative has a specific way of dealing with a pressing issue to a degree as another might have a more profound solution when looking at your personality, strengths and weaknesses carefully. If a solution evolve for a definite futuristic outlook, then vote on it by gathering up a time through Destee Web Conference (good looking on the response to the Nation Queen Destee you are truly reaping what you have sown.) Many nations are using information technology to cut down on waste like gas, time, manpower and paper to become more effective via tandberg, web conferencing and etc. I have setup many during my times militantly for these leaders of high and low positions. We must use the same efforts afforded to us as a center discussion of community upliftment, ties and forward progress worldwide as One Nation A-Free-Ra-Ka. Add your rules and policies, then we vote to ratify as the House of Rapresentativez. If a non-profit should to arise out of a voting to pass in a specific location within a specific state, just remember about funding as like a website we all know in particular. No further comment. We as One Nation so be it for peace.