Black Poetry : House Of Cards (Infatuation)

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    I started building something
    Out of something else
    With a figure that was unfamiliar
    Who was this that
    Blessed me from what hexed me
    Bravely saved me
    From the curse of being lonely
    There was no other pace
    But to build with it quickly
    So I, I mean we
    Stacked so high that the impact
    Of perfection presented itself wonderfully
    This person’s untamed veins
    Beat with the passion of our intertwined names
    So divine, so kind, it made dimness shine with
    Heavenly designed words
    That aligned through my thirsty ears
    Sweetening my mind, seasoning my time
    Like the intoxication of wine
    The etiquette of the exquisite visits
    And I sat and learned from it
    When we spoke, I choked
    Evoked with disbelief
    That such a scarred heart could still float
    Remembering I hadn’t
    Visited the sky in a long time
    Now lighted by the sun with no other excuse
    Me and the clouds had been reintroduced
    Loose with the past abuse
    Of my skepticism debating truth
    Knowing that this good was too good
    To be overlooked as chills shook
    So we built together
    And the further we got
    The more I forgot how to be bitter
    And just confronted what was better
    And as we exceeded
    I bled until past pain was unfed and dead
    Every shred of it was dusted
    Focused on what this
    Hocus pocus wrote us
    I was captivated
    By how easily I was elevated
    Stretching, yawning, once sedated
    Wide-awake now to someone
    Only God created
    Drought emotions were refreshed
    And of course, some kind of force participated
    And I kept building
    With this person I was overly certain
    Helped me and would always help me
    Find the meaning of eternally
    All the way, everyday
    Showing me how forever
    Actually meant for love to stay
    Not go astray
    Every night, I awaited anxiously
    To hear the voice that patiently painted me
    Maybe in love, or just in hope for it
    But no one resisted, but I
    Was assisted by big Kool-Aid smiles
    Conflicted when we wouldn’t speak for a while
    Enlisted with sadness
    When I desperately missed it
    For it I existed
    Eyes wide as I persisted building
    I’d sing when the phone would ring
    For it seemed to be made just for me
    It stayed just for me
    It was displayed just for me
    And I repaid it by my duties of building
    Something incredible on this scenery
    I acted so obsessively
    Because, I mean, what human being
    Has ever met perfection personally?
    I was special
    Because I finally met it recently
    Performing arrogant actions
    That proved my strong satisfaction
    Concealing the ultimate persuasion
    That this person was my soul’s reservation
    And the constant invasion
    Of its memory frequently in my mind’s fascination
    I tasted something new
    And it drove me crazy
    Nothing could phase me
    My body was its factory
    Of believing it made me happy
    I was functioned
    In building this construction
    And I planned that
    Its roof of truth
    Would reach the atmosphere
    I had no fear at all
    To make this presentation clear
    Confident of it never falling
    Never shaking
    Butterflies stormed throughout my insides
    Cries formed from my eyes
    Only of happiness, absolutely no disguise
    I smiled before I could think
    My heart loved
    Before its next beat
    Fate was scheduled
    To last so long
    On this type of foundation,
    What could possibly go wrong?
    Then as my heart grew too dependant
    That’s when things descended
    When my riches became framed,
    The exact reflection
    Of what my existence ordained,
    Something resisted, something shifted
    That couldn’t be explained
    And I was suddenly left alone
    Without that which was gifted
    There was a day
    When something went different
    And then all I felt
    Left me building by myself
    There was a change of mind
    But not on my side
    Then I felt painful tides
    That killed off all pride, that ceased all strides
    Infatuation came first
    Devastation came tough
    And the revelation was rough
    Being so lifted up, so in touch
    With what I wanted so much
    Made me forget
    How it was to be on the ground
    Then after everything was new
    That’s when the gust of wind blew
    Causing all I had built
    To come falling straight down
    So close and yet so far
    But that’s what I get for building
    A lousy house of cards
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    Jun 19, 2005
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    working to own my plus size empire.....
    I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
    and out of this house of cards lay waiting a lady
    who so willing and able to drive you crazy

    the anticipation has me so anxious
    this emotion i feel has me so impatient

    i'm laying out all of my cards
    i hope that will continue to play and not discard

    what you hold and feel for me
    i feel you have the hands to fulfill me

    layer upon layer i begin to see the light
    waiting patiently by the window while the night

    begins to appear
    i look at my hands to look for guidance to erase my fears

    because you my love have made a

    House of Cards (infatuation):spinstar:
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    Sometimes we think our foundation is strong,when actually it's built on sinking sand. Enjoyed the way you posed this smooth drop. Welcome to Destees, hope you enjoy yourself here.
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    BUSINESS owner
    this really took a spend on how life really is
    when we seem set we learn we not and what is delt
    in da house.....awesome flow