Black Poetry : Hotep

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    There was (is) a condition, a disorder, and an experiment, which existed two-three hundred years ago. It sucked the souls out of African people.

    It stripped them from their beliefs and culture. It degraded their dignity, trapped and demobilized them in chains and shackles.

    It exempted their liberty leaving nothing but skeletal images behind. These images however were animated, and strong. But they were emotional and spiritually dead

    This condition, disorder, experiment was a result of the rape of Africa

    It was the alienation of black people and their culture

    It mutilated their lives.

    Now, you tell me what was the meaning of 4th of July in 1776 to an African Slave?

    What is 4th of July today to an African-American?

    If so-called freedom still prevails why is it that our right to vote is still a bill and not a law?

    Why does Massa still have commercial slavery in the 21st century?

    Why are more jails or barracks being built to house the unwanted black population?