Black Short Stories : Hot fun in the summer time

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    Hey everyone please forgive me I'm on a time limit so if i end it early i ill finish later
    " Lorraine!can you please hurry up, we gotta go"
    " I'm coming I'm coming"
    Pearls best friend Lorraine came busting through from the motel bathroom in uptown Harlem, with a fiery red hot gown. Pearl looked at her with envy resentin wearing her favorite black spahgetti strapped dress.
    " Where'd you get that?" she asked practically in a whisper
    " Sam, dont you love it?" she asked spinning around
    " Samson gave that to you?" her country voice chmed.
    " No, he brought it, feel it, real silk girl" she did as told eyes widen.
    "Gotcha a real catch there huh?"
    "Who Samson?"
    " Yea, he buying you fancy gifts like that"
    " Samson and I are not serious, ...we just looking for a good time"
    "A good time dont get me half as much as he give" they laughed " Girl let's go, we only got one more week in Harlem and I'm not letting not one minute go to waste"
    The savvoy was wall to wall packed when they walked through the doors.They went to the Bar when she saw him. Lorraine watched him intently as he sang for the smooth swingers. She refused to sa y she loved him, even in her mind. She just knew it was a lie, and she wasnt stupid. Every woman in Harlem wanted them a piece of Samson and surely she was no exception. From his head to his feet, he captured everyone's attention with his sexy swager and beautifully permed hair. He was so smooth he could walk on water.Everytime they made love she would have to wonder, what does he want with a country bumkin like her. Yes, they messed around but it wasnt serious
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    yeah u gotta finish this one seem like a hot summer bliss ....peekin in da room