Black Poetry : Hot and Bothered


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Mar 19, 2001
Most brothers don't,
neglect to,
don't want to understand that
to play foreplay you must
start before you
become "in the presence"
of the one that is too receive really ain't about can't make her feel
good, it's the verbal dance that
pirohuettes her on an axis
of anxiousness for your arrival

the anxiousness that causes hearts to
jump windows to be peeped through
and sweat beads to form when a car
door is slammed the anxiousness that gets
her HOT AND BOTHERED well before you
get there / the anxiousness that creates wet
sheets before you reach it / the anxiousness
that creates rivers to run down goosebumped
thighs and the tides are held back until
you arrive....


She: Hello
Me: Hey love
She: Did you place rose petals in my underwear drawer? My bathtub? Under my pillow?
Me: What more do you want? Petals placed on your
naked body so I can search for your secret place where
stars spin in space?
Me: Have I told you what you did to me today?
She: No (Smiling)
Me: Well....

This day has gone by too slow
I've been pacified by this thought
of you accepting my touch and
arching your back so I can pass my
fingertips up and
the mid of your temple / and breathing in
deeply with an offspring of an orgasmic moan
in Whisper tone when I get to the top
of your back door and glide my finger
upon the fold where two cheeks meet
and say "ahhhhhhhh...."
This day has gone by too slow
sitting in meetings but my mind
I found on the tops of poplar trees
holding us as we made love in a
midday breeze and seized the moment
to hitch a ride on a cloud as it passed by
This day has gone by too slow
walking bent over cause my mind
is erect and all I've done is think of
you upon me and me....screaming
your name in silence and crying for
you when I'm through..all I want to do
is "need" you

She: O...................kay :)

Me: See you soon. One more thing how many flavors can I
taste you when I get there? How many fruits can I bring?

She: ohhhhh.....shyyyyyt....I'll be...

phone drops

(c)2001 blakverb
See this right here is why women be droppin their draws after Church!!!!

The pastor has barely shook their hand and their panties be tucked inside their purse....cell phone bills be unpaid...but still they be trying to get friendly wit the operator...asking the 4-1-1 girl to cut them a deal-io...cos they gotta go see about buying a vowel...and get wit the Man-Of-Action....that calls himself 'Verb'

And all I have to say is....


Cos' that schitt u just done scribed is tight panties!!!!!!!

Dayuuuum U Blowin' Reefer On The Page Today!!!!!!!!!

:jumping: :jumping: :jumping: :jumping: :jumping:


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