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    Hostage In America

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You!!!

    You do not know who you are, yet you are wanting to make claim to be somebody that you are not, all because of the quality of Mind you now function with, and such a Mind is expert in the method of lying and deceiving, and a Divine Mind did in fact become victim of a liar and deceiver, such is the mental status today of most Black people, grounded in the Vainity of Ego, Envy, and jealousy, having not the inclination to be Free in Afrika nor to become again, a United Black Divine Being of a Nation.

    You who are victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, located away from Afrika without your consent, have been made to learn of the beastly treatment of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors by people who are entirely different in phenotype than we Black Afrikans aretoday.

    So, here we are now finding ourselves in a Land that does not verify to be your original domicile upon this planet and you have been away from your Homeland for approximate five Hundred Years, so I ask you the question.

    Black Woman And Man, WHY ARE YOU HERE AWAY FROM AFRIKA !!!?

    A question that most Black Afrikans in America do not desire to answer nor do you have an intelligent response to, other than what is commonly accepted to be the ordinary response to such a question, and such an ordinary response is without profound thought, but has all profane reason to tell you what is obviously what you want to hear, which are lies with intent to deceive.

    Pan-Afrikanism is a great misnomer, it deceive Black people in America by way of the Middle passage, to be receptive of the way we came to America and to be Humble in our acknowledgement to America, by implying that the children of the Middle Passage has just as much want to be in America, as White people have in America.

    So you see, when Black people of the middle passage journey believe like white children, believing that Black children of their Enslaved Ancestors have the right to have just as much want to be an American as white people have.

    With such a Want to believe, then know, that Black Afrikans who are the children of our Enslaved Ancestors become so call Pan-Afrikan just to deceive the Black Body self into believing that staying in America or away from Afrika by pretending to have some form of Economic connection pact to Afrika and with Afrikan in Afrika people, such justify referring to the Black Afrikan Body self in America as Afrikan Americans.

    There is nothing more embarrassing than a Black Afrikan in America, and is here because their Ancestors were brought to America as Chattel to be Enslaved, to refer to the Black Body of an Enslaved Afrikan in America as a Afrikan American, and move to deceive Black people that it is enough to pretend to have a so call Pan Afrikan relationship with the Negro Afrikan aristocracy in Afrika, a Socio-political class status that is not a part of the European –America Aristocracy Class system.

    There is a saying to the Black Afrikan in America without a visa, and is disgruntle over the way Black Afrikans who are the children of those Afrikans that were Enslaved as chattel in America, the saying is, if you do not love America then you can Leave America and there is no Truth in such a statement when in fact it is America that is holding the Black Afrikan who are here by way of the Middle passage as Hostages in captivity in America, Black people in America by force having no power and Authority over the Black Body Life in America.

    Such a spirit of love America or Leave America was not on display as the action was in full force to enslave the Black Afrikan away from their Afrika Homeland, to be taken to America, a stolen Land, gotten by hook and crook, with the use of the weapon of lies and deception along with guns and bullets and disease blankets as a mean and way to conduct disease warfare against the people founded to be occupants of the Land white people call America.

    What a liar and deceiver the white Man Lucifer the Human Being is, his ethnicity is applicable to the quality of his Mind, and such a Mind is an enemy to Black Afrikan people, as has been so demonstrated by white European Jewish people since the first Time such a phenotype of ethnicity fixed eyes upon Afrika and the Black Afrikan.

    Their history in relationship activity to Afrika and the Black Afrikan, verifies that there is a valid difference in the way Black people Think and how white Jewish people believe, and their conduct toward life is not becoming of that of a conduct Black Afrikans had toward life before the coming into Afrika by the White European Jewish people.

    The Enslavement of the Black Afrikan in America was the beginning of Hostage captivity of the Black Woman and Man in America, a people in America without a way back Home with Dignity and a collective oneness of Black people in America.

    Just as our Enslaved Ancestors were taken not as individuals but as a collective oneness into Enslavement captivity, worked without pay, nor with a Day to honor of their own choosing.

    So, it is with the children of those Enslaved Ancestors, having not the power and authority what and who is to be honored by their own choosing, that reveal the Mental and physical state of Black people in America by force.

    Such a position for Black people to be in America is the position of a people being in captivity being held hostage, because of the fact that the Reparation owed to those Children Enslaved Ancestors is being held and kept from being paid to our Enslaved Ancestors.

    It is Reparation that represent a way back Home to Afrika with Dignity and with the Right to be Free and to become a sovereign Established State in Afrika, and as long as we the children of our Enslaved Ancestors allow our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation to be held and kept away from being paid to our Enslaved Ancestors, we the children consent to be held in captivity, held hostage in America, as we Black people of the Middle Passage journey, pretend to be something that we are not, American Citizens.

    All Black people are Electrical connected, wired in such a way it have Black people to be different from all other Living Anthropomorphous Corporeal Beings with a certain level of intelligence that have such a specie to act and behave differently from all other living Beings with the ability of forming a Mind, and it is the Method of Thinking that reveal the height and Gravity of Intelligence, which can be Divine or Profane, revealed of its quality by the Spirit that is displayed by such a Living Being.

    Here we are wondering about each other, making claim that one is more privileged to know more so than the other, as if the Divine Essence had a special pick when causing us To Be, not as we are now, but as we have always been by and in the action of the Divine Essence, which is Divine Intelligent Beings of a special type of an unduplicated specie, which is Divinely Black and Universal, a Being that once Roamed with the Stars and Planets, enclosed with an unlimited expression of Divine Intelligence about them all.

    So do not tell me that Black people can not learn to know who we are Divinely, it just that Black people instead of being Divine Intelligent Beings, have become a Wanting Believing Profane Being, believing and wanting any and everybody else who is not of our same Genetic phenotype, to tell us who we are and what to do in life, even directing Black people how to believe, want for in life, and how to live the Black Body life.

    For Black people to not give a **** About Afrika, reveal a Black people who do not give a **** about the Black Body Life, always attempting to make it to be what it was not originally designed To Be, which is Afrikan American, Diaspora Americans, not Asian Americans nor European Americans, just a Divine Universal Black Beings of a Living specie, having the Divine intelligence to know whatsoever is needed to know about the Divine Essence, Both Universe, and about the Universal Black Divine Body life.

    As long as Black people consent to be held Hostage in America, Afrika will continue to be on the downward spiral motion and Black people will still confess to be a profane Human Being, and you wonder why it is that we ignore the Divine Truth and why such ignoring constitute to verify the ignorance of the new Black profane Human Being, it is that Divine Truth that no Divine Mind will deny today.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved



    Chief Elder

    [email protected]
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    Oh! that OUR People would hear YOU Osiris!---and learn Their true spiritual nature--and not 'religiousity!!'

    A simple mandate toward OUR redemptive charter would be....'WE deserve better!!'

    Strength to YOU Oba!