Black Poetry : Hope of Tomorrow

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    I have nothing left to live for but the hope of tomorrow.
    But since tomorrow isnt promised, I'd be
    Betting the monetary value of the last specks in my hourglass
    On odds as sure as the lottery ticket with
    Her kids' birthdays scrawled on, pressed to lips as they
    Mutter prayers for the curse of currency in the current economy.

    I pictured pressing a blade as sharp as your tongue
    Against my brittle skin, parting the lips of my veins
    So they can speak of the misery as I could never dare to.
    I have stood emotionless, motionless as you barraded me with
    Your accusations that I cannot feel.
    Perhaps that is why the last time you held me and apologized
    For hurting me was when you misunderstood defense for defience
    And since then my tears have been silent.
    Even if I used every cell to amphify every sob to resounding decibels
    Would you bother to hear?
    In your scurry to maintain your place in the rat race
    You never paused to meet the stranger you gave birth to.

    I want so desperately to please you.
    Since you can never find the time to search yourself
    Maybe I shold peel back the elusive layers
    Tear my flesh from limbs, crack my ribcage, so you can see me for what I am.
    If I lay myself to rest, the rest I wanted to say would remain unsaid
    So instead I press my lips to a cracked hourglass
    Etched with the tears and torment
    Muttering prayers for the curse of contentment with my curreny capacity to disappoint
    Despite the doubtful odds I look foward for the hope of tomorrow
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    Beautifully Done

    Might I have this Hope of Tomorrow :geek: