Black Spirituality Religion : Honor your Mothers and Fathers so that your Days will be Long*

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    Once again...Spiritual Growth is not something we guess at in order to feel like we are pleasing any so-called G-d. We can not know any G-d until we know ourself (.)

    We can not know our self until we know the ancestors. Too many of us think that we have G-d in our back pocket and know what G-d thinks and wants for can this be...when we have lost all contact with our past and present purpose?

    We can not make up our own rules as we have been doing...all of our lives as we are absolutely lost in "Biblical-Myths" that were made up by the same people who control your mind and there for control your...lack of spiritual growth.

    Know that there are procedures that even your so-called G-d must follow. And that is...even G-d has rules that are set in the creation of a new life. You don't just drop out of the "Sky" when you are must come by way of your "Parents" and the "Ancestors" = "Man and Woman" = yourself!

    We think in false, illusionary, fabricated and silly concepts that are out of touch with reality, nature, universal laws and "Spirituality"...given to us by the same enemy that controls your "Religion"...and how it is taught and what will be taught...only with their approval.

    They print all that you read...and you have no control what ever except to follow what is given to you by your rulers who don't even believe in any of what they force you to think and worship.

    They tell you that you have to wait to get your heaven after you are dead and gone from this life. Who taught them these "Crazy" concepts that they make you believe in that are only the likeness of their own false images of "Divine"?

    With out knowledge of yourself...your life is matter how devoted you are to your "Religion" of choice that is only a branch of the system of white supremacy covered up in sheep's clothing to make you think it is real, true, holy and from the G-d they taught you to worship at the expense of your own self, mind and spiritual growth...because you think you can do this with out honoring your ancestors.

    Your own so-called "Holy-Book" tells you to "Honor Your Mothers and your Fathers so that your days may be long". Who is your Mothers and Fathers?? Most if not all only think of the family as only those in the house we were raised in...and then maybe some aunts, uncles, grand parents and cousins.

    What about those who are even further back in time...say 10,000 years...what about them?? Under todays western religions all ancestors are ignored and in place of them we are taught to worship only the white figures that they tell us is important and holy!?

    If it were not for your "Ancestors" who are directly responsible for you looking the way you do, acting the way you do would not be here! All of the creatures of divine that we have been taught to worship are not even related to any of us or even look like you or ever existed in reality!

    Who in the hell are these people that you always "Invoke their names in Sunday Worship"!?? Why don't you invoke the names of your own flesh and blood family like you are suppose to? Because you don't know and most are too proud to even learn what is true for you.

    The ones you worship...most of them never even existed on this planet. But you are devoted to all of them and think you are saved from something...and at the same time...your life style is most "Self Destructive" starting with your eating habits and your mis-guided "Thinking" that you are not in control of...but some one else is and they don't look like you or your ancestors either.

    And most of all they don't want you to know who you are and what you are...and your divine purpose as a people of this "Earth".

    We are telling a out right 'Lie'...when we greet each other and say we are 'Blessed'...when out side of our doors our children are out of control and dieing in the streets! Who taught us to say this except the ones who are ordered (ordained) to control you on behalf of the ones who control them...with money and tax free statis...the black preachers of some...know that they are not telling you the truth...but get paid to keep you asleep.

    In the beginning of time we already knew the "Creator" who created "Us"...but now we have forgotten and mis-guided into thinking that we can make or follow some made up rules and this will do as a method of spiritual growth?!!

    Know that you are gravely in "Error" are lost when you don't know your ancestors. You are lost when you don't know yourself! You are lost when you can't control your own destiny and future...and most of all you can't be saved not even from yourself under these conditions...ever!

    Many life times ago...the ancestors (we) knew what the creator created us to know. We did not have any of the suffering we have today regarding our spiritual growth...for we had the "Divine Code of Human Behavior" that reminded us and keep us in place for our future destiny of "Spiritual Growth". But now today we don't know the "Original 77 Commandments" or any thing else that matters and we are lost from our own selves and don't even know it.

    We are lost...that means that we are lost from ourselves and ancestors...there for we are "Spiritually-Dead" (sleep walking)...we must find our way back home to the mother and father land...first. We must know that in order to be saved in reality...we must save our selves from being lost. We must stop excepting false images of divine that tell us that we are nothing but sinners that must be lead like sheep by some "Spook" who is lost more than yourself.

    The choice is your is all a matter of choose wisely.

    In the words of your flesh and blood family ancestors who left you this message to guide you in this day of need and ignorance..."KNOW THY SELF"..."Do MA`AT and LIVE" !

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    I don't agree. I don't believe any of that which is in the Bible is made up, but is the Word of the Father. I think confusion has caused many to think it's made up or plagiarized, but the wise and the prudent will come to understanding, I believe.

    One has to want truth, and not their own truth. One has to want understanding, and not just what they like to understand.

    If one holds faith in the Father and the Son, they will most certainly be honoring their Father, and will have salvation in return. If one believes in the resurrection from the dead, they can count on redemption as well as the Father's everlasting love and promises, and will themselves, know honor.

    I don't believe in condemning another, since that is not our place, but being hopeful for all His people to come to light and wisdom. :)