Black Poetry : Honey Pot & SugarCane

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    Ok I am looking to collaborate with a skilled sista that can flow with this piece to bring it to completion... Honey Pot & Sugarcane I started with the Honey Pot come post Sugarcane and I will combine it together if it flows with Honey Pot well.

    My Little bumbling humble bees Secretions
    turns into something tastefully pleasing
    Her nectars flow when the floral blooms
    She just flew into my room
    shaking her tail marking her spot
    Tempting one like me with all that she’s got
    If we were out in public the wolves would all howl for her honey pot
    Yet wolves are ravenous creatures that can’t appreciate the sweets
    Wolves only have a one tracked minded they only search for the meat
    But me I am her teddy bear with a diet diversified
    She likes the warmth of my bearish size and the loyalty with me she finds
    She calls me her Boo-Bear and I call her My honey bee
    And when we get together it’s like an interspecies relations to see
    With her wings she hovers above my face allowing me to devour her sweets
    Her honey pot is a endless ocean of sticky sensations
    She allows me to devour the pot till she buzzes in jubilation
    Then turns her attention to me for reciprocation