Black Poetry : Honey Molasses(in response to baller,brown skin)

Desert Storm

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Mar 31, 2001
Suga filled with creamy
Moouse and a delicate
Pinch of brown syrup
To go on top

Cinnamon sticks
And the aroma
Of Honey Molasses
Best defines it

We have shaped our thinking
With eurocentric ideas

And believe
The lies that
Brown isn't beautiful
Or even pitch black
And more black than black

No matter what color you are
I love em ALL

Everybody has something
Good about them
And unique
In their own way

Carmal or maple
So many different textures and hues,

These unrealistic views
By European standards
Have made self asteem

They're just jealous
Because we are so various in colors
And have so much to choose from

And to all of you
With that brown suga
Cinnamon toast crunch flava

Hot chocolate
In the Aztecs
Used to be the drink of the

So don't be ashamed
Just because we are blessed
Thick lips
Thick thighs
Thick legs
Or thick butt

~And "some" just aren't~

Don't critize yourself
Because of what some ~white~ people said

Honey Molasses
And when raised to a certain temperate

Is delicious and melts in your mouth
Soothing for the soul
And relaxing to the mind

Brown skin
Golden in the sun

Every body
And just wish that they had some

It's just like Honey
~You a gem babygurl~
No matter how people teach you
You betta know it for yourself

So get that cocoa butter
And slap it on that skin

Sometimes act like it's a sin
Go out and buy you some brand new clothes
And be proud of the skin your in

However you want to wear your hair
It's your thang

Don't let nobody tell you different
Wear it strait
Or wear it braided
Curly of in a fro
Short or you can wear it long

And don't be afraid
To put a hair piece in your hair

Have fun playing with the idea
Be as creative as you can

Lovely as can be
I put some hot mineral oils
On your black skin
My brotha

I have fun
My Brotha
Just tasting your
Sweet caress

Black Men
Stand proud and stand strong!
Don't be afraid to be yourself
Don't be afraid at all!

My brothas and sistahs
God made you in his image
Picture that
If he made a white man in his image
He can made us in His image
He made us black

So does the creation
Say to the creator
How come you made me this way
No so don't question
God made you just the way
He intended you to be
After he made creation
He made man
And after he made man
He said that it was good.

Honey Molasses
Rise up
From your slumber
And see the light
God made you so beautifully unique and created
In his image

Desert Storm
Hey now!!!!

I am diggin the vibe in this piece!!! Reminds me of a t-shirt I have that has 3 black women of varying shades and it reads: When God created the black woman, he was just showing off!!

sho nuff!!:)

We are a beautiful, creative, colorful people and we should be proud!! I know I am!!:)

Thanks for reading this one,I know it was long but I just got carried away and very inspired because I LUV BROWN SKIN!
So I just had to shout. You don't mind that do you! A YELLA Sista who just luuv brown skin especially on black people. I ain't no hata but I'm telling you the truth,it's just because people are jealous,that's what da haters won't tell you. I even get envious sometimes. But I have to be proud to be me and (((UNASHAMED))) And especially black people!,We have NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED OF,AS BEAUTIFUL AS WE ALL ARE!GOD MADE SURE HE TOOK HIS TIME WHEN HE CREATED US! "THEY",JUST DO THAT TO US SO THAT THEY CAN MANIPULATED US! You are FREE if you want to BE FREE! I MADE THE CHOICE TO BE FREE IN MY THOUGHTS IN MY SPIRIT IN MY SOUL. YOU WILL ONLY BELIEVE A LIE IF YOU WANT TO BELIEVE IT AND YOU WILL KEEP LIEING ABOUT YOURSELF IF YOU TRULY BELIEVE THAT LIE!
Anyways you got me all hyped up sis! I'm vibin of you! lol
Thanks gurl,you really lifted me up. And you don't have to decrease just because somebody wants to increase, increase in spite of those people and keep on increases. Hope you all like this one fam. It comes strait from my HEART
Desert Storm


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