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Discussion in 'Black Parenting' started by Tribal_House, Jun 15, 2009.

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    Does anyone have any experience in regard to homeschooling, my supposed significant other has a crap load of plans and I don't know how well they have been thought out. She has a idea of wanting to homeschool my son that is if I am with this move to the DC/MD area. My only experience of homeschooling is in regard to that I have known some whites that have or doing it but I feel the motivation is to lessen the influence that their kids get in the public school system and intereaction with black youth. I'm not for or against homeschooling, I do want my son to have social interactions which I find he may lack in a home school environment. I know there are groups out there I wonder what is the social dynamic between the kids and parents that homeschool. i am not just going to blindly move my son anywhere without getting the social dynamic.
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    Hello Tribal

    They have homeschooling asso., I will try to send you a link for one located here in Columbus. There are guidelines set by the State Board of Education you must follow for your child to receive certification. I think its wonderful and more parents who can should do this. I will send more later
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    I was homeschooled so my opinion will be biased but maybe my experience can be helpful.

    My "curriculum" didn't start until I was 7 and finally learned to read. From there my only regular study was math; my parents bought text books and I'd do one lesson per day and have a test once a week. Eventually my parents got lazy but I kept studying on my own on and off just to keep myself up with everyone else.
    Everything else I learned came from library books, I didn't have a TV or computer games so I read quite a bit from the science and history sections.
    I stopped studying at all when I turned 16.

    Passed a GED test no problem, got a high ACT score, and got into college at 17. I ended up graduating in 4 years with magna cum laude in two majors.

    I didn't have many friends, partly because I was home-schooled and partly because my family didn't have many friends and usually traveled to a new state every couple years. But this hasn't really held me back socially at all. Public speaking in college was a difficult trial for me but I worked hard at it and was plenty comfortable after a month, and a better speech writer than the majority of my colleagues.

    The best thing to remember about home-schooling is that the goal is not just transferring knowledge. The goal is to instill a hunger for knowledge by making children understand the importance of it.