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Oct 15, 2011
South Florida
Laying under my overpass hideaway
Warm concrete supports my back
As I listen to the cars ride away
They seem to be rushing
I never understood why
Time is not of the essence
As I’m gazing at the sky
Lessons in the form of clouds
Fill my mind
And I’m grateful
Until one slows
Sympathetic faces
Appear through tinted windows
I see them
Feeling sorry for me
When it’s I who feel sorry for them
Sometimes, I wish I had the courage to be homeless by choice... but then I realize that it's not necessary to go to that extreme in order to be free of societal burdens. This can be done by educating yourself and finding out if the things you are stressing about are really worth it(nine times outta ten they're not). it's about being conscious enough to realize that HAPPINESS IS FREE OF CHARGE!
i beg to differ

Homelessness, as a way of life, is only for those people resigned to such a fate…not for the weak of mind or spirit. I walked the streets of L.A. I saw millions of homeless people—indigent people, as some call them. Of those I talked to, some chose their lifestyle…others had it thrust upon them. No matter the circumstance, once you’re a member of their fraternity, it’s hard to walk away from it. Not because you don’t want to…instead, because societal rules—requirements—make it hard to.

For those making that choice, they don’t do it out of ignorance. They weigh their decision carefully, evaluating its worth to them…before stepping out on that limb. So, please, don’t make light of their decision…as if they didn’t make an educated decision about their future. And understand, the number of people choosing homelessness is probably less than one percent of one percent of the homeless population. Only an educated guess, of course.

By the way…HAPPINESS ISN’T FREE OF CHARGE…by any means.

~ only a thought ~


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