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Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Home is not a home
a place to relax
inside da house of love
not made of dripping wax was a vision
from her magic she begin da mission
Took two young ladies and a few brothers
craddle in a hub join well together
gave birth to the dot com
from outside the great chat
two by two we enter just like dat
5 years past us by then a change
reversed, to upgrade she rearrange
then came seven , happy ten
giving self to family & friends
building this house for blacks to share
yes this Queen of love truely care
Now she fifthteen but yet not grown
been a long road hit by sticks & stones
wit da blessing continue on
even after many trys to break us down
take away everything we mound
bashed us , hated us , talked about us
lol we carried on and on lovin set da tone
We not old in age just grew strong
from her wings happy birthday we moan
without all this we would been los ,alone
:heart: Luv ya sistah Mother Queen Destee:heart:
THANK YOU for everything through da years
15 yrs old still standing ......
Oh My Gosh ... MY $$RICH$$NESSSSSSSSSSSSS ... :love: ... Thank You !!!

Only someone that has stood with me in the trenches, could write the poem above !!! ... :bowdown:

So beautiful to read the years passing by, the challenges, and our determination to keep our home full of love!

You know it's not been as easy as it might look, but we did it MY $$RICH$$NESSSS ... :jumping: :jumping: :jumping:

Look at us ... all these years later, so many stories we could tell ... so many experiences shared ... so many folk we've had the pleasure of meeting, being touched by them and they us ... from all over the world folk have come here and shared ... and we're still here for this kind of interaction to continue taking place ... wow ... we did it MY $$RICH$$NESSSS ... and we're still doing it !!! ... YAAAAAAAAAAAAY USSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!

Thank You for the poetry that no one else could write ... :grouphug:

I LOVE YOU! :kiss:




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