Black Spirituality Religion : Holy Wars

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    Holy Wars

    Knowing that the word "holy" defines as female opening gives one a clearer perspective as to the true meaning behind the concept "War of the Sexes".

    You see, the first wars (combats, conflicts) were staged again black African women: since it was they who held the monopoly on spirituality via none other than the GODDESS.

    Gender wars were the bain of the Greeks, Persians, Black Hebrew Patriarchs and Romans existence -- to say the least. Regionally they were Europeans, hence the conclusion that these long forgotten and mostly erased/concealed wars were thus Europe vs. Black African Women.

    They hated these Black African Amazon women who fiercely fought to protect the GODDESS (eg. Mother-Right) and the matriarchal system more than life itself.

    G. R. Taylor observed: "...The first step in the
    limitation of the status of women was to take over
    from them the monopoly of their religious function..."
    -- "When God Was A Woman" by Merlin Stone, page 150

    Much, much later, when the bloody massacres ---spear/headed by "Fathers of the Church -- escalated, Christianity would (eg. like the so-Called Jews) vicariously legitimize itself by replacing these horrific African persecutions into christian persecutions and even make bold alternations by inserting the concept of a savior-like person to over shadow the fact that it is self salvation that will inevitably set you free -- not some YT man or his son/sun in the sky.

    The transfer from female to male was huge:

    1...The collaborative/collusive replacement from the GODDESS to the God

    The physical replacement of temples and shrines to christian churches, mosques and synagogues

    The written replacement of references to She, Her, female, women, feminine -- to He, Him, men, male and masculine

    "...The Christians, centuries later revised this history and proclaimed themselves as being the ones persecuted. However, the evidence reveals otherwise..." -- "The Sibyls" by Vivian Hunter-Hindrew, page 88,

    "...However, they (eg. refers to Papal system, my insert) do not answer why the jews altered the prophecies of the Sibyls made from their Omphae temple in Palestine, just to assure the hegemony of their fire god Yahweh/Jehovah," over the Christian "Jesus"..." -- "The Sibyls" by Vivian Hunter-Hindrew, page 88.

    "...Nonetheless, though the Jews and Christians were feuding rivals, it was in both their interest to suppress the prophetic power, influence and worship of the Divine African Mother..." -- "The Sibyls" by Vivian Hunter-Hindrew, page 90.

    As these well-documented excerpts reveal -- the job was not thorough.

    In summary, it seems it is European males who have always had a problem with Black African females -- while battling with their inner castration issues in relation to the real power of Black African females. Those black males who follow the lead of European males are, too -- apart of the problem rather than the solution....!
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    The African Amazon Women were the "most" fierce warriors in the ancient world. The saying "heart turned to stone" came directly from the men who had to encounter them in battle.

    His Story misinforms by placing them exclusively in South America. They were everywhere in the ancient world.

    Their primary purpose was to protect the GODDESS, her Sibyls and priestesses and HER Mother-Right in the ancient world.

    1. "...More thoroughly examining the accounts of the esteem the Amazons paid to the female deity, it became evident that women who worshiped a warrior Goddess hunted and fought in the lands of Libya, Anatolia, Bulgaria, Greece, Armenis and Russia and were far from the mythical fantasy to many writers of today would have us believe..." -- page 4, "When God Was A woman" by Merlin Stone

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    There is archaeological evidence that they have been all over the world -- from California to Stonehenge in Brittany.

    p. 36, "The Sibyls" by Vivian Hunter-Hindrew
    "...The black Amazons were also the original megalith, Cyclopes and Stonehenge builders..."

    1. A Great Source
    2. "The Sibyls" by Vivian Hunter Hindrew