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Mar 19, 2001
Baltimore, Md.
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What is the cost of man standing strong with his back
tarnished by the sun And his skin shows signs of wear
from Tags of memories of lost souls, lost lives, Lost reasons,
lost drives to succeed and yet Each time the needle bleeds
their arm when It breaks the skin they don’t understand
the same tags of today were identifications Of yesteryear;

tomorrow will never bring us peace until we see the
truth of our history for HIS-story is more than arms
stretched wide on a tree with nails driven in His wrist
(oh you didn’t know?) and a spike drilled into His feet
to symbolize the veracity of HIS so called heretical deeds;

“Who do you say that I am?” when you see me walking the
streets of a known drug corned wearing the style of clothes
of the criminal intent watching the activities of the corners
being portrayed on “60 Minutes” from stolen videos from
the plumber’s truck across the street. (Oh you didn’t know?)

and now I am supposed to be optimistic when I walk out
my door to enter the work-world and yet I can’t wear braids
because it’s a sign of “rebellion” And I must walk with my
head up (although I look down to avoid the needles from
the night before) and I must speak with proper vernacular
(although this is not even used by the ones who proclaim
we must use it in order to be successful)

And everyday we wake up in the hole of darkness, seeking to
fill the hole of our mate ( or one we use as a receptacle Of our
salaciousness whichever suits you), fill our empty Minds with
pigeon-holed news broadcast before we step out of our hole in
the wall, down into a hole in the ground as we attempt to overstuff
the hull of the train that will take us to a job in the center of town
and sit In a hole in the middle of nowhere called a cubicle. Then
have the nerve to get lost in the black hole called the internet;

What does it cost us to be something we are not just to feed
Our kids, feed our minds, feed our hearts, feed our need to be
Successful as the perception of deception recreates a false Mental
picture of what one must be instead of what one should be;
All for the sake of happiness, this hole-of-cost us our souls…

If we are not careful…

i've emptied out these thoughts so now i can return to the peace of the garden...

you have my utmost respect
liked you subject matter very much here, MO

i feel privileged reading your work
it inspires me

and YOU know i don't throw words around to make people feel good

thank you for this work

Up north on 95 North
Da Street So'ja


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