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Mar 19, 2001
Baltimore, Md.
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Cool breezes in the morn
Soothes my pain, my dreams
Of love, hopes of tomorrow
Walking the park holding hands

I wish to close my eyes and See
you appear between the fall of tears
as the summer days become longer
holding close to my serenity

the humid air of midday takes my
breathing when I try to run in your
direction not realizing that distance
holds me at patience doorstep;

I can’t breathe, I can’t see for when
I open my eyes all I see is you walk
By in a crowd, calling to me from all
Directions holding my thoughts at bay;

I’m on my knees tonight, shivering
Like a new born cub in winter seeking
Warmth from one whom loves them so
Wanting to be held in security’s veil;

The rains come and go as the storm
Of tears flow endlessly within me
Never allowing the world to see pain
Holding my heart in full constriction;

And yet I can never turn away from the
Things within that has planted hope, instilled
joy, resurrected aspiration all the while
Holding close to the things that keep me

Fearfully in love with you…


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