Hold Up Yall - Wait A Minute!


Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
Website Consultant
Hey Yall,

Please know that NONE of you have crossed "the line!" Since it's my place and I get to determine whether the line has been crossed, my line, then trust me to do that.

Shoot, working in online communites for as long as I have, with my own folk and stuff ... hey ... we are a very colorful people! :wink: Color is allowed here! Flexibility is a must!

Poetry often speaks of love and intimacy, which could easily be viewed as "sexually oriented" ...

If Bishop (our moderator) or I have not asked you to "tone it down," then all is well.

We only require that you be respectful of others.

Get Your Flow On Folk!

Nita ... madd love backatcha Gurlie ! :heart: :wave:

Kemetstry ... I asked Bishop to be the moderator of this forum and he said yes. Would you like to be a moderator? There's a whole buncha forums that don't have anyone moderating them ... and for you ... I'd create a brand new forum if you'd moderate it, just name it. :wink:


Kemetstry ...

I know that Bishop loves writing and reading poetry and is often participating in poetry forums online. I asked him because I knew that he could help make the forum a success. I knew too that we would agree on most things. I asked him because he's my friend, believing that if he could, he would.

When considering someone to be a moderator in this forum, basically that's all that I consider.

There are several "categories" within this forum. Columnists, Entrepreneurs, Genealogy, Investing, Book Talk, Open Forum, and Administration. You are welcome to be the moderator/leader of any one of them. If your pleasure and/or expertise is a different topic, not mentioned above, I'll make that new category for you.

There's no "pay" for doing this. Lord willing, I do look forward to being able to pay for the help I receive. At this point, it is all voluntary.

Now Kemetstry, you know I appreciate all the love you've shown me. You know I do. Well, in case you don't know, let me tell you now ... I appreciate the love you give me. Please don't think otherwise.

Actually, I was thinking of asking you to moderate in the chat room. Unfortunately, I'm not able to offer you the opportunity to moderate the chat yet, because I don't have the capability of giving "moderators" access to the controls. I'm looking forward to this though.

In the meantime, if you'd like to be a moderator, I'd love having you. Just tell me what area you'd like.

There are no left-overs. Everything counts. Please forgive me if it appeared as though I was overlooking you. That wasn't my intention, just so many things going on, trying to make them all happen.

Loving you with my whole heart.




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