Black People : HMO stocks Are now way up after Monday's decision

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    AT A GLANCE: Health-Care Stocks Up After House OK's Overhaul

    THE NEWS: Health-care stocks led the stock market higher Monday after the U.S. House Sunday approved a historic health-care overhaul designed to bring health insurance to 32 million more Americas while subjecting U.S. industries to a dramatically redrawn and newly regulated marketplace.

    MARKET ACTION: U.S. stocks gained broadly, led by a surge in health-care stocks.

    The Dow's pharmaceutical components strengthened, as drug makers are expected to profit from the expansion of health-care coverage. Merck rose 2.3%, while Pfizer climbed 1.5%.

    Hospital operator Tenet Healthcare rose 6.1%, while insurer Cigna gained 1.9% and Express Scripts, a pharmacy benefit manager, rose 2.1%. Pharmaceutical companies also climbed, with Eli Lilly up 1.3% and Bristol-Myers Squibb up 0.6%.

    WINNERS & LOSERS: Health-care providers, drug companies and device makers are expected to see a neutral or even a positive impact from the legislation. Hospitals, clinical laboratories and pharmaceutical companies will see a deluge of new customers and could potentially benefit if millions of more Americans are insured.

    The outlook may not be so rosy for insurers. Though they will gain enrollees, they also face a raft of new regulations that would bar insurance companies from denying coverage to individuals with pre-existing conditions -- and limit their ability to differentiate insurance premiums based on a customer's age and other factors.

    Also, Medicare providers will face both cuts and new regulatory restrictions.

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