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    By Andre Austin

    In the interest of mastering history and knowing the cause and effect I wanted to read up on Hitler. Adolf Hitler went to Catholic schools and embraced their faith. To enhance the effect of his oratory skills on the succumbing crowds he used some of the Catholic use of candles and lamps incense, censers in the night (Mein Kampf /MK=My struggle p475).

    Hitler skips the first recorded sin in the bible of Eve taking a bite out of some fruit tree to declare race mixing between blacks and his pure Aryan white blood was “The original sin of humanity” (MKp.624) Marcus Garvey said the same thing it believes in the purity of the negro race and purity of the white race” (Race First by Tony Martin p.22) Garvey was against miscegenation. And hated rich blacks marrying poor whites. The hybrid organization that would take over from the UNIA would be the NOI.

    Hitler was appalled at society allowing blacks to become a lawyer, teacher, even a pastor. He thought it is criminal lunacy to keep on drilling a born half-ape ..while members of the highest culture-race must remain in unworthy positions” ( MKp.430) Hitler thought that the Blackman shouldn’t be allowed to keep his so called “****** nation” Hitler also stated: “This world belongs only to the forceful whole man and not to the weak half man” ( MK p.257).

    Hitler viewed the Blackman like Hollywood viewed the Blackman in The Birth of a Nation. In that woman the Blackman eyes grows big in lust for a white woman. Hitler thought of us like a big King Kong gorilla. “Systematically these black parasites of the nation defile our inexperienced young blond girls and thereby destroy something which can no longer be replaced in this world” (MKp.562).

    If Hitler would have won the war the fate of the Blackman in this world have been slavery and cremation. On a scale of 1-10 his abuse would have been 10 but between 1619-1960’s in America our miss treatment was a steady 8. I would invite curious students to read Hitler because he has so many relatives here in America like Hoover, The FBI, The KKK etal. We prevent repeats of history by understanding our past.
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    I did not realize certain details about him until I was in college.

    I did not know that his mother was 'a European Jew'.

    It never dawned on me that although he implemented a plan to make a master race of blonde haired blue-eyed people that he had black [or dark] hair.

    I did not know that his father was a German and his brother was blonde haired like his father yet, he was dark haired like his mother.

    And, know one talks about the millions of black people who were killed in those concentration camps before the European Jews became targeted...

    Yeah, African Americans really need to know about Hitler and his purpose and the kind of people who were in support of him that fled Europe and came to live in North America, South America and elsewhere.

    I appreciate this post.

    Thank you.
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    Hitler was confused and evil hearted, he hated any person of color, yet took the buddhist symbol, turned in a few degrees and used it as a Swastika. Main reason why we always have to investigate HIStory.

    The part I have always found interesting is reading Marcus Garvey's views on black and white's marrying, yet Rasta's (some) follow Garvey and marry white women.

    I won't mention a famous Rasta family who's eldest son married a Jew a few years ago. SMH
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    my comments are partially related in a light-hearted sense....
    i was in a bar by my crib a lil while back and this sister with dreads started talking to me...i had a pitcher of beer so i politely poured her a cup...
    we talked about everything from politics to religion...this is when i found out she was a made me no nevermind because my days of trying to hook up with someone at a bar have passed years ago...we talked about reincarnation theories and debated over moving up and down the evolutionary ladder...this is when she said she thought she was the reincarnated version of hitler because he hated blacks, women and gays with the same zeal...this is when i politely got up and moved to the other side of the bar....

    one love
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    this is funny

    I read somewhere.. I forget exactly where, that hitler's problem was that he auditioned to get into an "art" school, and was denied.

    Some of his quotes hit the nail on the head like

    What luck for rulers that the men the govern don't think for themselves...

    He who controls the youth control the future...


    I mean mass murder is not right in any sense regardless

    I've look deeply into this (deeply into myself), and since juda(ism) is a direct result of chrisitianity, and christianity a direct result of witchcraft what I see is civil war from all angles

    I appreciate your research, and agree that we should look at the authors of hatred

    And with regard to the Honorable Marcus Garvey.. really his anger began with not being able to play with a little white girl as a child

    both I would say were looking outside of themselves for validation

    Just my humble observations.

    nuff respect
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    I disagree with you on some things. However Hitler's view of Black people were minimal compared to those of the United States which was shown in our treatment by our own country. I will assume that you did not know that there were Black Nazi's, there were Jewish Nazi's, and Middle Eastern Nazi's. Himmler (HItler's 3rd in Command) even had a whole division of SS Muslims. Don't let Jewish influenced history lie to you. It had liied to me growing up believing that the Nazi's were racist and hated everyone who was different from them. Yes they had racist tenants but that was developed to show the difference between a German and Jew. Hitler's policies first changed after Jesse Owens victories in 36. In 1944 Hitler had changed his views on race. Alas this is a path that few historians explore. But the information is there if we choose to find it. What happened in Nazi Germany was not a race issue, it was an illegal immigrant issue. The legal Jews who lived in Germany thought they were Jews first and Germans second. It was treated as a safe haven for Jews. Many Jews who owned businesses or property only sold or rented to other Jews. They only hired other Jews, many of which were illegal immigrants which migrated to the country knowing they had fellow Jews who would be more than happy to help them. This happened while many Germans were unemployed, or homeless, or starving or all 3. The economy collapsed leaving a grieving nation in dire need of economic reform You should check out the book "Black Nazi's" by Veronica Clark. It may change the way you view things. The same thing is happening steadily in America. You have to select english when using an atm. I go to the store and see so many items in spanish, with no english on the label. The only difference between how we live now and Nazi Germany after WW1, is that we have not had a complete economic collapse.
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    I think it safe to say that Hitler didn't think much of anyone who wasn't blue-eyed, blonde haired Caucasian ....
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    why do some young blacks criticize the Tuskegee air men for fighting?

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