Brother AACOOLDRE : History's First Race War

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    By Andre Austin

    I first read about the first plausible race war from J.A. Rogers, a premier black historian. He wrote several books. His ulterior agenda was to expose the ancient, medieval, and modern race mixing between humans. He was motivated by this because he was mixed himself. When I first read of this first race war in Nature knows no color line, it didn’t sink in until I read it again in Chancellor Williams book The Destruction of Black Civilization.
    Rogers ground breaking work in 1952 stated:

    “The faint beginnings of color prejudice existed in Egypt and quoted by Gerald Massey to that effect, therefore my theory of its origin there is this: The first colonizers of Egypt were probably the “black”, wooly-haired Ethiopians-the blackest of all peoples as writers of the times, as Strabo, called them. Diodorus Siculus, first of the world historians, said the Ethiopians claimed they had colonized Egypt and archaeology seems to confirm them. In fact, the earliest known Egyptians, the badarians, a Neolithic people were blackoid.

    To this black colony migrated fairer peoples from the north. There is at least one instance of these white savages landing there and being made prisoners immediately. In time a mulatto “race” arose. More whites came in until in time a struggle for power between lighter and darker Egyptian grew. This much is certain, however: at no time did color rivalry become strong enough to prevent native Egyptians, or even Nubian blacks, from holding positions of high power. In fact, this would have been difficult to do since most of the military was black” (p.23). 650 years before the Trojan war jet black Sesotris stormed the walls of Troy before the other black Agamemmon did in the Iliad.

    Chancellor Williams would put the above information into a broader and more profound classic context in his The Destruction of Black Civilization. Williams calls the Mulattoes the white man’s secret weapons in becoming masters of the Black world (p.218). Looking at the picture from all angles I see the fictional writings of Willie Lynch on how to make and maintain a slave by all divisions including light vs. dark come alive. The election of Obama to the presidency of the USA by masses of black votes turned into symbolic cotton of worked performed without pay or representation unless you were Wall street or international banks.

    Relevant passages in Chancellor Williams masterpiece work can be read on pp.61, 63,64, 71 etal.