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    betwixt and between
    Peace and Blessings Family,

    As i researched the Black Laws, Black Code, and Jim Crow, there is the very constant theme of preventing Black People economic opportunity, as well as keeping us bound to their mercy for such. All throughout those laws, codes, etc., you will find recurring language, requiring us to have a license to do anything, or preventing us completely from taking part.

    This leads me to wonder, were business licenses only created, to hinder us from starting businesses?

    Were business licenses a part of the "business culture" prior to black laws, black codes, and jim crow?

    I did a little bit of research trying to see, but could find no real history on business licenses.

    This is very disconcerting to me, though not surprising. White folk have historically (up through today) changed the rules, to make it so we can't participate, or find it very difficult to do.

    If business licenses are rooted in racism, isn't there something wrong with that?

    I can't imagine that they required white people to have licenses for the same thing, for these were black laws, codes, etc.

    They required us to attain these things, knowing full well they made it illegal for us to even know how to read, yet we had to jump through these hoops.

    Anyway ... what do you think Family ... do you know the history of business licenses and when they first appeared on the scene as requirements for doing business?

    Did they (business license requirements) exist before 1619, when imposed upon us via Black Laws?

    Any help at all will be appreciated.

    Love You!


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    Let's break this down a bit. I will seek to be as brief as I can.

    Incorporation is a grant from government to persons or associations.
    Incorporation is a franchise. A franchise is the exercising of a prerogative in the hands of a subject.

    To incorporate creates an artificial person with some of the rights of natural persons.

    Both artificial and natural persons are legal persons.
    This all has to do with legal personality or the capacity for rights and duties.

    A license is permission to do or refrain from doing some action that would otherwise be illegal, unlawful, a trespass, or a tort.

    Licensing is a servitude. A servitude is a type of grant.

    These grants and servitudes are for purposes of regulation (as well as monopoly).

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