Black People : History being repeated, Africa and South America, once again seek unity

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    Dr Ivan Van Sertima;
    in "They Came Before Columbus, described the ancient relationship between Africa and South America.

    Macolm X mentioned a conference in Bandung Indonesia were all of the highly melinated nations met, were Africans and South Americans were abe to discuss common problems and common solutions, however this activity was stimied by the accusation of the global elite, that this meeting was organized by communists for communist intersts,
    more then a lie, but a lie that cost many innocet lives;

    Cia John Stockwell

    former Cia agent John stockwell, highest ever ranking cia agent to come clean on thier operations

    Now with the Bolivaran revolution haveing no political ideology or connection, they can be castigated with or accused of, South America and Africa are uniting to discuss netorking for common good and solutions;

    From The Final Call Newspaper website

    Leaders in South America, Africa seek unity, progress
    By Humberto Marquez | Last updated: Oct 14, 2009 - 2:40:15 PM

    Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez waves as Libya's President Moammar Gadhafi, left, looks on during the Africa and South America Summit, in Porlamar Margarita Island, Venezuela, Sept. 26. Photos: AP/WideWorldPhotos
    PORLAMAR, Venezuela (IPS/GIN) - A declaration signed over a late September weekend at the second South America-Africa summit outlined the views of the developing South with a commitment to cooperate in the fight against poverty.
    Eight South American and 20 African presidents, along with a number of vice presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers and other senior officials from a total of 61 countries attended the two-day gathering, which was considered a success by the participants, after the much less impressive attendance at the first summit, held in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, three years ago.

    In the 30-page final declaration, the leaders expressed their complete support for reforms of the UN Security Council that would guarantee greater participation by the developing countries of South America and Africa and improve its functioning, with a view to redressing the current imbalances.

    President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil, which aspires to a permanent seat on the UN Security Council—whose permanent members are China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States—said the Security Council had lost relevance, adding that “we must work together to reform it.”

    The declaration states the need to solve in a peaceful manner any problem or dispute that could endanger regional or global security, although it also defends appropriate and effective measures against any threat to peace caused by the proliferation of “chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.”

    In his address, Libyan President Muammar Gadhafi proposed the creation of a South America-Africa South Atlantic defense organization, along the lines of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

    But the idea expressed by the Libyan leader, who currently chairs the African Union, was not included in the final declaration and did not receive the backing of other speakers.

    Presidents and delegates listen to Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez during the second day of the Africa and South America Summit, Sept. 27.
    ‘Argentina can offer technology, expertise and machinery, so that Africa doesn't have to depend on charity from international missions, but can produce its food itself.’
    —Cristina Fernández, Argentina President

    Mr. Gaddafi also reiterated criticism of the UN system that he voiced a few days earlier in New York. In addition, he lashed out at the military powers that have sown landmines in countries of the developing South, while defending the use of landmines by poor countries, for defensive purposes.

    The final declaration, however, condemns the production and use of anti-personnel landmines by any country.

    It also condemns racism, discrimination and trafficking of persons, and underlines the importance of fostering the exchange of experiences with respect to the rights of women, children, adolescents, the elderly and the disabled.

    The document calls on Britain to urgently negotiate the question of the sovereignty of the Malvinas/Falklands, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands with Argentina and the sovereignty of the Chagos archipelago with Mauritius, while urging France to negotiate the issue of Mayotte island with Comoros.

    In addition, the declaration reasserts the commitment to intensify efforts to eradicate poverty and hunger in the context of the Millennium Development Goals.

    Food and Agriculture Organization Director-General Jacques Diouf, who attended the summit, underlined that for the first time in history more than one billion people in the world are hungry.

    “But in contrast, for the first time there are sufficient resources in the world to solve the problem of hunger,” said Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa, who holds the rotating presidency of the Union of South American Nations.

    The leaders also spoke out in favor of bi-regional cooperation in the areas of food and agriculture, and expressed an interest in taking part in the next FAO food security summit, slated for November in Rome.

    Argentine President Cristina Fernández said the emerging cooperation between Africa and South America could give rise to a new model of trade that would include the transfer of technology and generate jobs.

    “Argentina can offer technology, expertise and machinery, so that Africa doesn't have to depend on charity from international missions, but can produce its food itself,” said President Fernández.

    Another frequently mentioned issue was the question of energy and mining. The leaders agreed to share and exchange experiences in terms of energy sources and savings, especially clean, renewable and alternative sources.

    The two regions also agreed to cooperate in areas related to the production and sustainable use of oil and gas.

    full article;

    Cia John Stockwell

    former Cia agent John stockwell, highest ever ranking cia agent to come clean on thier operations