Brother AACOOLDRE : Historical Origins of Islam: Not what U think


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Jul 26, 2001

By Walter Williams

Book Review By Andre Austin

The Street PH.D Walter Williams of Chicago is a force to be reckoned with. Academic PH.D doctors like Pastor Ray Hagins have drunk from his fountain of wisdom without citing his sources. Whenever a School Doctor taps into a street Doctor then you know Mr. Williams is a bad maaaaaan.

Dr. Williams explodes on the scene by claiming that the Biography of Prophet Muhammad was typological set and emerged with Ibn Al Arabi (1165-1240AD) and “used to create the fictitious character of Islamic tradition’ p.3. Legend has it after he died his double was left behind in the form of Muhammad. The country Saudi Arabia was named after him.

The difference between Mohammedanism and Islam is the icon of Muhammad is faceless-signifies a non-human creature, created by man. Williams also claims that Jewish scholars and rabbis from Paris formulated the Koran. Other conspiracies state Jesuit Catholics help to write the Koran. I would pick the former because the Koran speaks out against the trinity something Jews would be inclined to denounce. Additional, they have a fictional letter of Muhammad to Byzantine Emperor Heraclius telling him to stop persecuting the followers of Arius, I will write on later.

Their was no Angel Gabriel who taught Muhammad the Koran because Gabriel is nothing but a little bird who in turn was taught by the Angel Israfil, a six tongue hairy monster.

Williams asserts that he wrote his books to set black people free of all religious bondage. “Religion and religious Lit through western institutions are controlling the world masses via churches, mosques, Synagogues, the new media and organized academic system; enforced by the powers that control economics, politics and the military” (XIII). He goes on to say:

“The service of God is really the service of those self-proclaimed holy men who hold the franchise”…

Raising the individual up is not part of the plan; keeping the flock docile, distracted, and deluded is what it’s all about” p.248.

Williams’s not only slam dunks truth against Islam but also Judaism and Christianity. He wrote another book called The Historical origins of Christianity . In that book he states who the real Christ was a hybrid of Osiris and Apis= Serapis into the image of Greek rulers over Egypt=The Ptolemy’s.

Arius, who knew the truth about this deception and went against the Catholic pagan Trinity. “Arius stated that the created, creature, Serapis, who today is called Jesus, the Christ, dissimilar in all things from the father Osiris”p.15.

Many scholars are unaware of the ground breaking work of Joe Atwill’s book Caesar’s Messiah who proves the Flavian Dynasty of the Roman Empire continue on with the Serapis links with JC but with a new twist of Typology of linking it now to the Trinity of Vespasian, Titis, Domitian thereby superseding the Ptolemy’s as vicar of Christ. After it left Domitian it was then passed to the succeeding Pope’s.


I recommend Dr. Walter Williams books and listening to his lectures of Youtube along with his student Pastor Ray Hagins. Williams’s recommend students go read S. David Sperling’s The Original Torah and find out how the Exodus story was an allegory of an allegory as stated in Galatians 4:24. Seperling also offers us explanation of the Jewish 430 year slavery to Egypt as symbolic of Ahmose kicking out the Hyksos (Amorites) in 1550BC and beginning the new 400 plus year empire Egypt has over the region. “Hebrew traditions of servitude in Egypt as allegories of servitude to Egypt” but not in Egypt. Gary Greenberg suggest the Jews mixed up the Hyksos with the Egyptians who oppressed them see 101 Myths of the Bible.

Sperling also states there is no evidence of a Abraham, sarah, Isaac, jacob, moses, none have any grave sites.

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