Black Spirituality Religion : Historical Distortions/Lies

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    Queen Afua {e.g. "lotus Flower" that she is has been around for a long time as a healer and mentor. Her followers included: Stevie Wonder, Erika Badu and Maxine Waters. She is a "nationally" renowned Herbalist, Holistic Health Specialist/Consultant, dedicated Healer of women's bodies and souls & Lay Midwife. Queen practices from a very unique perspective: Afrikan GOD Consciousness...!

    Her assertions match those of Hi-Black Scholars such as:

    Na'im Akbar, Ph.D.
    Muata A. Ashby, Ph.D.
    Molefi Kete Asante
    Runoko Rashidi

    ...just to name a few! :juggle:


    "...Oh Khamit, what historical lies have been told of you through your present-day distorted name---Egypt!* Oh, Nubian Ku****e Khamitic Ancestors, Western man is claiming that he came from the north to build the pyramids (with "bricks and straw," thanks to Hollywood). Ann Baxter is Nefertiti and Yul Brynner is Ramses. Hollywood's Star Gate has desecrated Ra as an epicene demon, and "The Mummy's Curse" has been unleashed in a sorry effort to sow doubt and fear among people all of whom need Ma'at (truth, righteousness, and fairness) in their lives. But they will fail to know it, because Ma-at is a principle hidden behind the gates of a cosmic divine high culture whose door was supposed to remain sealed by the invention of the word sound "Egypt." The biblical curses against "Egypt" would scare most people away from discovering the glimmering heritage that awaits their claim..." :golf:

    * The Ancestors of KMT called themselves and their land and culture: Ta-Meri, page 60 "The Book of Coming Forth" by Dr. Ashby :dance3: