Black People : Historic Moment w/Prof Oyibo and Chief Osiris-brother Junious Stanton Show

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    NOTE: This post appears to be coming from Chief Osiris. It is not. It is from goddess Auset.
    I need to adjust this. Qg Destee and I know why.

    Beloved Ones:

    Are we ready to go to even a Divine higher conscious level?

    I know this information is a month in advance notification. Please mark your calendar to listen and even take part in a Divine Black Historic event.

    July 1, 2007, 12NOON EST
    Beloved brother Junious will have as his guest on: www.harambeeradio, King gods professor Gabriel Oyibo, GAGUT God Unified Grand Unified Therom, and Chief Elder Osiris, Afrikan Mysticism Theologian Heriophant Master teacher, which will be a Historic time in our history.

    Professor Oyibo will address the Mathematic equation of God.
    Osiris: Will address the Theological Divine aspect of God.

    Beloved Ones, The recording I use to record shows is the AUDACITY at:

    I have used this program for years now and it is easy to download and use.

    What I do is, log into the Internet radio station/show, and make sure it can be heard. I bring up my Audacity program which I keep on my Desktop, and once the Audacity is opened, I place my head set or mike next to my speakers. When the show starts I press the RECORD on the Audacity, and when I see the RED lines moving, I know it is being recorded, and I go about other business as it is being recorded. Of course when the show ends we STOP and SAVE PROJECT AS, give it a name, to our desk top for when we care to listen to it again. When we do this several times (recording) just make a separate folder and add all the recordings to that folder so that they do not take up too much space on your desk top.

    Others may have other ways to record, and please do share the other ways with us.

    When we desire to Know Truth that we haven't heard, we must be where Truth is being spoken. Ain't that the Truth?

    If the date and time changes, I will inform you all.


    g Isis
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    Beloved Ones:

    When we are in the presence of ALL Divine Truthful speakers/leaders we are in the presence of Divine Historians and our History.

    I recall long ago when I was hungry and thirsty to know, Overstand, and gain wisdom, the ancestors sent to me Divine Speaking leaders, like Osiris, Oyibo, Junious, brother Keita, MetaSaience, Mumia, and many more brothers and sisters on and off these forums. Reading the Divine Truth from these brothers and sisters like Dr. Welsing, Shirley Chilsom, and all our past and present King gods/Queen goddesses who share Divine Truth with us, I began to see the Internet as My Divine Universal University, never having to leave my home.

    I listened to Dr. Welsing on the other night and she said that we have no time to be hip hopping, bopping, copying etc.. She said that having Respect for our selves is more powerful than the Nuclear Bomb.

    There is no more time Beloved Ones for Joking/Fun, and laughing at our conditions.

    So Beloved Ones, what is the excuses we have when we do not take the time to sit back in the privacy of our homes and Tune into Divine Intelligent Cosmic Universal Information coming from All our Divine truthful Speakers, Divine information that cannot be found in no dictionaries, libraries, and GOOGLE SEARCH. That is the Information we need in our lives to day to stay ahead of the enemies. CATCH this Divine Information coming from our Bullet proof Soul Truthful speaking brothers and sisters among us. When we have been told the truth, all excuses for now knowing and being Truth is gone.

    Do we know that these Divine Truthful speakers have no EGO (evil Going On) and risk their lives to tell the Divine Truth to us, because their desire is to bring Liberation to our conscious.

    One Day these divine Truthful speakers may not be available to us, and then and only then we will hunger and thirsty for their presence. The Art of Listening is a Divine Gift. Eat what they are saying so that we, and our children, their children, and the generation yet to be born, can eat and live.

    What excuse will we use to not BE STILL and Listen to Prof. Oyibo on July 1, 2007, and Chief Osiris's class today and thereafter?

    What excuse do we have when we do not establish a forum for these speakers to come to the Frontline to speak for us?

    What excuse do we have when we do not even purchase their books and read them?

    Is it true that to know the Author one must read their writings?

    :kiss1: :kiss1: :kiss1: :kiss1: :kiss1: :kiss1: :kiss1: :kiss1: :kiss1:

    Collectively lets:

    Get our Divine Afrikan Drumming dance on
    Our Divine Afrikan Rhythm
    Our Mother and father land Songs in our minds
    Let our Black Afrikan minds get Buck Wild with Divine Cosmic Information

    Divine Black Afrikan womb-genders (females) Listen
    The Divine Black Afrikan man beats the drums, some call the Ear of God
    The Divine Black beat/Rhythm is in the Black womb-genders (females)
    and fingertips...and then some

    When we speak we should speak (lips) from a Divine Mind, which will cause the (Hips) to move In one accord, and everything we touch (fingertips) turns into Divine Gold. The rebirth of Afrika is in all of us, but it is through the Black Once Divine Black womb-genders (females) It will manifest, those Divine Perfect Night people who was once, Earth, Wind, Fire..and then some.

    Lets collectively get this Rhythm back so we can tear:court: down evil kingdoms
    :kiss1: :kiss1: :kiss1: :kiss1: :kiss1: :kiss1: :kiss1: :kiss1: :kiss1:
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    Posted on the Worlwide Interent/Yahoo Groups this past week

    Beloved Ones, are we ready to, allow our mind to wander into the ABYSS of Infinity, and allow our mind to comprehend what we see. There we will be in the circle that reveals the Divine Truth, and that which is Divinely Real? (Osiris). Are we ready to live and be the Divine gods/goddesses, Shining Stars (meteors) for our diseased, starving, wrong mind-set for our people? We are the ones who will be the Statue of Liberation for our people, and the Change they and the world needs to see. So lets GAS up at the Filling Station (Oyibo and Osiris), so we can Divinely Energized to tear down the evil kingdoms with Truth and reality (right mind-set).

    Join us on the above date and time and come travel in the minds of these Two Divine King gods (Oyibo and Osiris). All I ask is that you leave what you thought you knew behind and remain open minded to what you will hear.

    We who desire to return to our once Divine mind-set, this is the chance to do so. Both Professor Oyibo and Chief Osiris is the Mode of Conscious/Mental Transportation that will get us back in our right mind-set. What Professor Oyibo and Chief Osiris will be sharing with us, we can not afford to miss, because what they both have is for us, and if we do not grasp this Divine Intelligent Information and other race of people get It, we are facing a Black Holocaust, and we did it to ourselves, because we do not care or know how to LISTEN.

    Beloved King gods Oyibo and Osiris will be feeding us what maybe our LAST Supper (Divine Intelligent Knowledge, Overstanding, and Wisdom, and if we do not eat It we will continue to Starve (consciously).

    I know this information is a month in advance notification. It gives us time to prepare our mind-set to receive the Flood of Truth and reality so that we will no longer drown in the european mind-set/our Physical reality expectations. Please mark your calendar to listen to a Divine Black Historic moment.

    Beloved, Eat This Scroll, and feed it to the children if you truly love yourself and the Youth who are like little baby chicks or baby birds in a nest waiting for Mama bird to return with a Worm to eat. Look at the Youth today, that is the expression on their face, but we can not see that unless we are in our Divine right mind-set. It is A Third Eye Thang.

    Divine Black Womb-genders (females) if the Black man do not desire to listen, you listen, after all, we Black womb-genders the first teachers, and our teaching job is not over until we come face to face with the second breath next to the last breath. Have I not told you that the strength of the Black World is the Black Woman (Osiris). The Destiny of the Women is the Destiny of the world. A Nation will rise no higher than Its Women.

    The first Little Pig thought he knew everything and became Comfortable, Complacent, had no Complaints, those three (C's) that his EGO had him Convinced he could C his Piggy way out of being ate up, like the Human Being mind-set is eating up our Divine mind-set.

    Along came the big Bad wolf (evil) and blew his house (mind) down and ate the pig.

    The second pig was the same way.

    The Third Pig who had a Divine Bullet Proof Soul, Unconquerable, Untouchable was saved because his house (mind-set) was Solid as a rock (Truth and reality), his best friend and lover, and even the forces behind Nature would not attempt to destroy such a mind-set.

    The Elements in the Universe bow and salute such a Divine mind-set, because the elements in the Universe is on our side when we know we are made of the elements in the Universe and act accordingly that we are.

    When we fear Change (receiving Divine Intelligent Information) we fear ourselves, If what we know now, and it is not edifying, encouraging, equipping, and inspiring us and our people to prevent a diseased mind-set, we are full of Bullies Information/Imitation truth.

    Become IT, and It is Divine, and Run, run, run fast as fast as you can from that whish Is Not Divine Truth.

    We are already in a Black Holocaust if we are still thinking with the Human Being only mind-set (physical Flesh reality).

    David Icke: Take the Blue Pill and go to sleep and wake up and believe (Ego) based, anything.

    Take the RED Pill and allow you mind to go into Wonderland towards the cutting edges of All that is Divine.

    Again, Allow our mind to wander into the ABYSS of Infinity, and allow our mind to comprehend what we see. There we will be in the circle that reveals the Divine Truth, and that which is Divinely Real? (Osiris).

    Get rid of that 3/5 human that we have been indoctrinated to become, so we can climb the Stairway to our Divine Intelligent Mind-set.

    Truth does not play games and there is no EGO conditions in Truth. We are All the rituals we need to succeed.

    DISOBEDIENCE COMES WITH A GRAVE PRICE, and it is time we stop paying that price.


    The only mistake in life, the only mistake made through ones life is imitation because "the inspiration" was not derived of God's constant-conscious thought, just desire and/or imitation... All is a mirror reflection of internal truth, only to see, one must look into..."the mirror" and enter thy very center. Or else slavery (in its many forms) mysteriously becomes and remains a culturalized repeat... Kevin D. Ervin 2007 c.
    [Marcus Garvey dialogue 2]
    If you cannot do it, if you are not prepared to do it...then you will die. You race of cowards, you race of imbosiles, you race of good for nothings If you cannot do what other men have done, what other nations have done, what other races have done, then you yourself shall die.

    Is the saying true, it is better to build a child than repair an adult? You know, when the ancestors take over you just can't stop them when they do something (seven year old goddess Autum Ashante). If precious Autum Ashante can do It, we can too.

    One of our biggest problems is that we do not open up to listen to other Divine black Afrikans who bring forth Truth and reality, because of EGO (wolf), jealousy, malice, envy, strife, confusions within us, that which will not allow us to be promiscuous in Truth and reality.

    Beloved Ones, I make no claim to know it all and overstand it all.

    For us who Know it all, I ask. Do you know how many people are yet to be born? I do not know that answer, but I do know enough to ask such as question. We all know enough to get others across the Bridges of Troubled Evil Waters (we are wading in presently), when we are operating in the Only Human being Mind-set, and we all must seek the Wise Ones among us so we do not have to cross no more Bridges of evil Troubled waters, our enemies will.

    What we must (action) word do can not have any residual of religion in it, crossing the Borders and Bridges of the wrong mind-set is a Divine Intelligence thang, and we can not afford to ask what the so called Jesus would do, or lets leave it in Jesus hand, and when Jesus comes, let Jesus handle it, wait on the Lord. ( LAW )

    Beloved Ones open up your Third Eye, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Mohammad, prophets True Prophets of old, have arrived, and in living color in Oyibo, Osiris, Junious Stanton, and other like minds. WE are the SAVIORS in these Now times.

    We must reject, the human Being mind-set and elect to get aboard/Oneness mind-set of these Divine entities, Oyibo, Osiris...and like minds and be part of this divine Movement, or we will remain in the mind-set that is filled with and leading us into more bowel Movement.

    When we are in alignment with the Universal and Nature Laws, the Universe makes things happen for our good without us having to do anything. One with IT (Divine) the All.

    No Beloved ones, not In Jesus Name. It is in our Name, Black Divine gods/goddesses, whose CORE use to be as Black as the Divine Perfect Black Night. The father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

    No Beloved Ones, that is a Perverted Trinity because it leaves the womb-gender (female) out of the equation. All Black Womb-genders (females) in the religions who continue to embrace this trinity is denying her self from Knowing thyself as Divine Soul. Have I not told you that the strength of the Black World is the black Woman. (Osiris). Oh the Blood of Jesus, no Beloved Ones, It is the Divine Water of Knowledge, Overstanding, and Wisdom that will allow us to cross the Borders and Bridges of Evil alligators muddy infested waters.

    Bible: I have witness some Truth in it that our ancestors say in it, but the evil one made sure so little Truth is in it that our Cosmic Ancient Ancestors said.

    The Bible should be renamed the EGO (Workers of Iniquities) Book, You decide, I long for the day when All these bibles, with pretty/fancy covers on them, highlighted scriptures with no Overstanding of what you highlighted, with its countless version be taken away from all who posses one, then will the people be hungry and thirsty for what Oyibo and Osiris is feeding us.

    This book has made Monkeys...and then some out of the people and it need to be thrown at the people because it is the best Seller and the least read, and how do I know people do not read it?

    Our ancestors clearly said in this book, YE are gods, and the enemy left out goddesses, If one read this and not being It, gods/goddesses, then you lack understanding/overstanding and many have perished because of lack of understanding/overstanding.

    This same book tells the people to ASK, Seek, and Knock. It is time to ASK, Seek, and Knock on the Divine minds of Oyibo and Osiris, those who KNOW that which we are yet to Know. If we miss these two Catalyst of Truth and reality, we are no earthly nor Universal good. Has the earthly degrees mentally blocked us from ASKING, SEEKING, and Knocking within our Divine self.

    My earthly Teacher, King god Osiris may/may not approve of me addressing this, but I am going to take the chance, because we have no more time to waste, just to see if what I share will tap into the sinew in the root of our conscious. King god Osiirs will correct me if I do not explain this divinely right.

    Beloved Ones take a long look at these numbers because we are made up of numbers, and ponder on what these numbers mean to you: O123456789O

    The first O is when we came from Infinity. The 1,2,3 is when we were still close to Infinity. Now the 3,4,5, is when the europeans came into our lives and lobotomized our mind-set making them in their Image which is the Only Human being Image, our lowest form of Life Living, they could only make us 3/5 human, so what does that tell us about what the rest of us is, which is Divine Back perfect Night people, that they could not conqueror.

    Now the 3,4,5 level of consciousness is where we are now, those of us who remains on the level of sensual conscious, and that is the Fall we must get out of, in order to get back to the 7,8,9 ascending level of Divine consciousness, that which bring us back closer to our Divinity, as we when Life is no more, enter into Infinity, which is a state of existence in which we return, O, It being the sign of Eternal Infinity, the God Essence of all things, which reveal to us the steps of our Mental evolution, in the 0-123456789-O.

    Now if any of you traveled with this, you will see clearly that, yes, Oyibo symbolize Is one of those O's and Osiris is the other O symbol, and we are in between 123456789.

    Oyibo and Osiris is the book cover in which Divine Truth reside, O Us-12345678-Us O , they have now come to share that which was Lost, It being the Divine Truth, that which is qualified to keep us in alignment with the Trinity of our Divinity, the Soul, Mind, Spirit.

    The only way to escape the human mind is to have that "tick-tock" balance to mind... The only way is to obey the every command of thy soul... All that is human (in mind) disconnects; all that is Divine is inter-connected through the ever-presence in God's Divine Order. Humanity is only "good" for those in the ten percentile controlling, molding and dictating "the mind"...and if you are not bloodline connected, it is a complete waste of time. From jump city it is un-Divine... Kevin D. Ervin 2007 c.

    Beloved Ones, I Am just a messenger. We can SIGN, SEAL, and DELIVER It to our mind, what I have shared with you, because we are what we Think, accept it or leave it, I continue to keep moving on.

    When we desire to Know Truth, that which we haven't heard, we must be where Truth is being spoken, Ain't that the Truth?

    Old black and White movie: Mortal man, mortal man, you ask for something, and yet you act as though you do not even want it.

    So on that note Beloved Ones, if you are ready to live, LISTEN to the Jesus, Allah, Mohammad, Buddha we have in our midst today, Oyibo, Osiris, Junious...and like minds.

    Please pass this Historic Moment with (Oyibo and Osiris) throughout the Internet. There is plenty of time to find the right recording device to record the show. The nanosecond we have been told the Truth, is the same nanosecond we become responsible and obligated to operate in it.

    If the date and time changes, I will inform you all.

    Beloved Ones, I close with this. Listen to this Historic moment (Oyibo and Osiris) the Surgeons of Truth, as the Captain of thisTruth Ship, King god Junious Ricardo Stanton Chauffer these Divine Entities into our Minds. Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to wrath because if we do not, we will be wrestling and boxing with the Universe, Nature, and the Divine Reveler addressed as God by many. If we do not, the Evidence of disobedience will appear in our lives.

    If anyone says that Professor Oyibo, Osiris, Junious, I , and like minds do not love our Black Afrikans and Afrika, you are LIARS and deceivers, because we bring Divine Truth and reality, so that you will not drown in the Flood of Lies and Deception.

    I have come to prep us all for the Surgeons of Truth (Oyibo and Osiris), to show us how to Be Born Again, and that is coming into the Knowledge, Overstanding and Wisdom, Divine Truth Is. Now Beloved Ones, put away your One Ply degrees, that earthly human being physical knowledge, and lets use the Two Ply Charmin/Charismatic degrees coming from these Charismatic brothers.

    So collectively lets read the Lips of King gods who speak Truth and reality, vice reading and submitting to the lips of those religious ones who speak imitation truth, those liars and deceiving lips.

    Lets us touch the Hem of these Divine warriors informational Truth, (Oyibo and Osiris) so we can get rid of the Infirmities (Human being Mind-set).

    Because if we do not, then we will continue to die Mentally , our children will die and the next generation is already dead, because we are to selfish, and we wrote the ticket to the Mental and physical Grave the price we will pay for becoming as the Human Being.

    The only way to escape the human mind is to have that "tick-tock" balance to mind... The only way is to obey the every command of thy soul... All that is human (in mind) disconnects; all that is Divine is inter-connected through the ever-presence in God's Divine Order. Humanity is only "good" for those in the ten percentile controlling, molding and dictating "the mind"...and if you are not bloodline connected, it is a complete waste of time. From jump city it is un-Divine.... Kevin D. Ervin 2007 c

    Where is the Divinity?

    Humanity have made us forgotten
    Keeping us in a state of mental sterility
    forbidding you from becoming enlighten

    I Am the Star
    I Am the Sun
    the two being the same and causing
    no shame
    I even know that I Am, humanity I am not,
    never will be tied in such mental Knot.

    Where is the Divinity, that which reside in Infinity
    It is now Humanity, a state of mental Insanity,
    can it be that all is not well, living in a man made hell,
    as we are held prisoner in Humanity Mental Jail?

    Divinity the highest principle of Mental Sanity,
    Always being attack by the evil of Humanity,
    that which the sign of our Fall,
    yet it is Divinity that is capable of protecting
    us All.

    Run black woman and Man, Flee to the safety
    of your Divine Mind as fast as you can, never to
    stumble in Haste as you ran,
    it is Humanity in the chase, wearing the devil face.

    Fear not as you wear the protection of your Divinity, it
    being attacked by the evil of Humanity,
    never to fear no more, covered in your Divinity
    For ever, as you go, moving in Harmony, Order, And Balance,
    A state of Mind you have to show, with all valiant.

    Osiris and IsIs

    Where is the Divinity? July 1, 2007, 12NOON EST
    King god Beloved brother Junious Stanton will have as his guest on: www.harambeeradio, King gods Professor Gabriel Oyibo, GAGUT -God Unified Grand Unified Theorem, and Chief Elder Osiris, Afrikan Mysticism Theologian Hierophant Master teacher, which will be a Historic time in our history.

    When others attack the Divine Truth coming from those who speak It, it is done so that we may ascend back into our Divine Mind, a Mind that require that we Think using profound Reasoning and undefile logic.

    I take the attacks against the effort of those who are aspiring to reclaim our Divine Mind to be that coming from the center of Mental confusion coming, so those that comes forth with Divine Truth, being not affected by those that come bearing the profane Lie and is capable of standing fast in the circle of Divinity, you become the True representative of the effort to no longer conform to the Human Being way of life and by doing so, it symbolize our Cosmic Ancestors pinning a Star in our Divine mind/Crown.

    The more intense the opposition comes, bringing that which is against Divine Truth, it serves as the measuring ROD of how fast we who speak Truth is ascending Divinely.

    Now we can either reject, or accept and SOP this Divine gravy of uninhibited Truth, because the Divine seekers do not intend to leave anything for the flies to swarm around, in an attempt to infect with a disease that bring on decay. (Osiris/IsIs)

    Beloved Once Divine black Afrikans, you have been shown the way back to our right mind-set. Take it or leave and when other races get this revelations (Oyibo and Osiris), do not complain about them having it.

    Here is loving you/Afrika.

    goddess Isis
    A Heaven and hell of A writer

    Afrikan Proverb: One who do like to read is equal to the one who cannot read.

    ISIS: One who do not care to see, is equal to the one who can not see Divinely/Spiritually. One who do not care to hear, is equal to the one who can not hear Divinely/Spiritually. You who do not care to know is equal to the one who does not know Divinely/Spiritually. One who do not care to live is equal to the one who is dead Divinely/Spiritually.