Black Poetry : His vastness

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    the Spirit of God hovered over the face
    of the water when the earth was without form
    and void
    how great and how vast
    the water
    dwelling in the air and the bodies of it
    how much greater and more vast
    my God
    that He is over it
    God of the water
    the waves obey Him, the rain obeys Him,
    He even walks
    on water.
    beyond time and space is
    my God
    He created it, can work within and without it
    He know me before when...
    had the plan of salvation before sin
    so that I might rule on high with Him.
    He is everywhere and in specific places
    knows each of us to the molecule
    I can't even fathom the whole of God
    so, today, I sit in awe of His vastness
    (you understand?)
    because His Spirit hovered over the face
    of the water before He formed the world...
    how powerful and meticulous and great
    is my God.
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    and this reminded me of a children's clap-clap song that always summed it up for me: "My God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there's nothing my God cannot do".

    Thank you for this today, Misses K-ness. (gotz to give you ya propers!)

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    the near north
    In the beginning, the heavens flourished and the snow white angels song
    the earth was enveloped in darkness...without a round or solid form
    over the murky waters face, the spirit of God did roam
    yet, He who commands all up high...felt so terribly all alone

    While sitting on His His right hand - His first
    spoke these few words, looking down upon earth

    His words: “Let there be light”

    and the golden light did shine
    He smiled at it’s brilliance and said:

    “this is fine.”

    As waters separated from waters and the night from the day
    Jehovah thought to himself ‘just what should I say?’

    “Let the waters gather together
    let dry land appear
    let the stars be a sign of the time of the year
    let the sun light the day and the moon over the night”
    then He created the animals of the world
    in their very own like (ness)

    Six days had come to pass so He sat on His throne to rest
    He had carved out of space a universe...where he could give this man a test

    Man wandered throughout the Garden...amazed at all the wonders he found
    the animals...the he walked upon the ground

    And, he wondered, after a while...seeing all things created in pairs
    seemingly unhappy with the knowledge that he had no mate with which to share
    so Jehovah put man to sleep, saying,

    “rest my son, just rest”

    While man slept upon the ground, God took a rib from near his breast
    from this one lone rib of man, Jehovah carved for him a mate
    for which to bare cute little men...not for her, but for his sake

    Adam had been commanded not to eat of a certain tree
    a test of obedience we think it was but a test he took, you see

    Adam passed this on to Eve and maybe this is what he said:
    “eat of this - eat of that...but eat of this tree and you’re surely dead”

    but satan convinced eve that all was well and death would not take her
    he said that there was knowledge and life and showed her what it was worth

    So, she ate of the tree and did not (physically) die
    showing this to Adam, she called Jehovah a lie
    she pushed and pushed - and then began to cry
    for her eyes were now open - but did not know why

    So, Adam, he ate more to ease Eve’s pain
    he hurt when she hurt and wouldn’t hurt her again
    so, he ate and rejoiced at the sparkle in her eyes
    he marveled at her body and the juncture of her thighs
    with uplifted breasts and rounded hips
    her tiny, tiny waist and the curve of her lip

    He wondered why he hadn’t noticed before
    the beauty of his his passions began to soar
    he took her right then in a clearing, upon the ground
    and took her once more before his passions settled down

    Afterward, they ran to escape the others eye
    they ran and they ran in search of a place to hide

    Ashamed, they had become
    ashamed of who they were
    ashamed of what they had done
    yes, ashamed is what they were

    They clothe themselves with large leaves of some of the trees
    to cover up the none other could see

    when Jehovah came calling...answer, they would not
    they had disobeyed his command...they had ate what they should not

    When Jehovah called Eve, she just shivered and shaked
    and cringed in disgust at what she’d done with her mate

    When Jehovah called Adam...he, too, hid and cried
    but Jehovah sees all so He knew what they had tried

    Jehovah asked, “Why? Why do you hide from me?”
    Adam said,” I’m naked. I did not want you to see.”

    {Jehovah} “And who told you you were naked...tell me, what have you done?
    Have you eaten from the tree that I forbade you, my son?”

    “Yes, father, I have eaten but I did not die
    I’ve disappointed you, I know, and I do not know why.”

    The thunder did roar like the beat of a drum
    and the sky, alight with the lightning, no sun
    God’s voice was heard above all else that day
    “Why eat you of the tree from whence I forbade?”

    {Adam} “’Twas Eve, my Father, she cried and she cried
    and spoke of a serpent who said that you lied
    I wished her to stop...I hurt when she cried
    I wanted to help her from deep down inside
    I know what you said but it’s for her that I care
    I thought, ‘no, I won’t’...but said, ‘for her, I will dare.’
    Then I ate of the tree...and look, didn’t die
    I’m standing here,’ why did you lie?’

    Jehovah, being just’ in all that He does
    ordered them from the Garden...said to Eve, “Adam will protect you”
    He said to them both as he placed guards before the gates
    “all deaths aren’t physical but you learned that too late.”

    You will eat from the harvest of the crops you produce
    Eve, you will pain from the labor of the birth of your fruits
    you will gather what you can and hunger when you can’t
    you will never re-enter the way, not a chance.

    So, they went forth to start a family of their own
    they struggled - they hurt...and they suffered for their wrong

    They had two, Cain - one, Abel
    one who was righteous...the other, not so stable
    so conflicts arose between the two sons of Adam
    over come by jealousy, Cain struck Abel and killed him

    The first murder in the world...leaving three people alive
    Cain begged for forgiveness...he cried and he cried
    he was sent from the parents to start a new home
    to build a new leave them alone

    So, he started his journey, away from them both
    yes, he feared for his life but, to journey, he must
    later, he returned to claim as his wife
    one sister for his home, he would start a new life

    Now, Adam and Eve had’s true
    more girls - more boys...grands, and great grands too
    they lived a long life out there on their own
    they struggled - they suffered...but their will was strong

    They populated the earth as Jehovah had wished
    they made errors along the way but they survived all this

    But man strayed deep into the darkened mist
    of corruption, damnation, and sin...away from all that was His.

    Jehovah looked around and said, “that’s quite enough.
    I’ve been patient ‘til now but I’m tired of this stuff.”

    Jehovah spoke to Noah, saying: “my son, spread the word
    my commandments will rule though my voice may not be heard
    I will cleanse what I’ve created of all that is bad
    I shall make good, my creation...put it back as I had

    Gather a pair of all the creatures into an ark of my design
    gather food enough to eat for all these creatures, for a time
    tell all who will listen to come into your ark
    tell them all what I have said...especially those who have naught.”

    Then, Jehovah made it rain like it had never rained before
    forty days and forty nights and still, it rained and rained some more

    When the earth was fully covered only then did the chill rains stop
    it covered every valley’s floor and the high-rise mountain tops

    After the rainy days were over and the sun once again did shine
    as the waters disappeared Jehovah looked and said, “that’s fine.
    I shall plant anew this garden...using fresh and proven seed
    I shall have a strong, full garden...having all the things it need

    Noah, yours will be the family to breathe new life into the earth
    you shall be man’s second father and spread it’s value and it’s worth
    tell your children that it’s righteous...all that’s strong and good to see
    let them know the future holds a place for them to sit with Me.

    Let it be known that I shall not destroy the earth, in like fashion, again
    man must learn to mend their ways for life shall continue...not true for sin.”

    One could say many things about the beginning of the world
    of the ways we’ve gone astray...of the boy {Adam} or {Eve} the girl
    we could claim that it’s God’s will that we should end up where we are
    but one day we’ll have to look to us...that is, if we can see that far

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    thank you misses A ;).

    and baller, if it's like that
    you can steal my thunder
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    Wildflower and Baller...thank you both for this Genesis experience.
    It was truly good to me.