Black Poetry : His knowledge and attitude make him a college dude folks do hears his flow and a few years ago he was in the yard alone lawn mower hit a hard stone a


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May 11, 2006
His knowledge and attitude
make him a college dude
folks do hears his flow
and a few years ago
he was in the yard alone
lawn mower hit a hard stone
and broke the blade
spoke to persuade
TORRO they stepped up and paid
Ride on gravel down town
founded out light travel faster than sound
girl you got cake and breasts
and he wanna make progress
so take your dress off
“NAW PLAYER you talk false
“girl your lips red today
wow got to make some headway
to your panties you think?”
she's a BLACK SOUL SISTA link
with AFRICA she was in San Francisco
the word disco alone run her loco
visit facilities of peace
hostilities has cease
“OK my thing is a true pink
when she see boys she do wink
her eyes and guys on the brink
come running, “AW GIRL he need her body
in order to proceed to a party
soon as possible
her perfume is the gospel
“OH GOSH her panties are wet
we not even in the car yet
think your deep love for music
keep you in the club to use it
to pull chick its full of tricks
a Brahma bull really wanna stick
his nose in this, “OK BOO been beast
in the hood and like a thin piece
of wood he's fallen from trees
calling on MC'S to cope with this
now this stuff is sick he write
and like a stick of dynamite
it will blow up
I'll be thrill to get your do-nut
tired of these dang KRISPY KREME
dreams, this will wreck pride in due
time it is a specified kind of boo-GU-lu
its here luck begin,
and stuck to folks skin
like plastic seat covers
in a car the heat from lovers
could melt the roof
need help with the truth
NAW PLAYER: you want me in the car sincere
and home not far from here
you want sex and that's plumb clear
her dress is down
he can't mess around
she has sweaty black thighs
and throw confetti in the skies
LOOK BOO I wear bling a lot
but have to bring that to a stop
too much of a jewelry and fury thirst
got cake on this earth
and boys wanna know my date of birth
her coo-chee got wet fast
when she met a boy in class
devastated over the sex trend
dated the X of a friend
strength in my mind
for a length of time
pathetic and brave
but like an electromagnetic wave
it was shocking he jest kissed her lips
right at her home
he prefer being alone
she was in a mini-gown
far as sex plenty around
Its a dumb start
but it from the heart
and bona fide
now I'm gonna ride
home with this boy
a kiss he can enjoy
can commit terror
after a legit error
the gravel is bumpy
and so we travel funky
on the way to his crib
may eat some barbecue ribs
she have pie no doubt
and this boy wanna try it out
they in the car alone
not far from home
so witty and graphic
need help with the city traffic
boys spend hours for cake in a hummer
but really need flowers for late summer
she steps with loads
of episodes
in her life
this date begin nice
the grass is green
they in a fast machine
like to roll on dubs
and stroll to
his plot superior
car has a hot interior
can't duck it the heat
in his car has bucket seats
leather on the dash
his endeavor is to smash
she's wearing a blue mini-skirt
he's ready for pies
she got brown sweaty thighs
oh her panties are so wet
I guess she's in debt
to him far as sex
the car is complex
with an eight track
he turns it up
let the speakers blast
outside are seekers of cash
got the hands out
but his plans about
getting a girlfriend
letting a whirlwind
change his life
its strange but nice
he has pride by the load
now on the side of the road


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