Black Poetry : his facts are clean like a vaccine went to WALGREEN to get a shot in the arm so he can stop being alarm took three of them and that shook him don't


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May 11, 2006
his facts are clean
like a vaccine
went to WALGREEN
to get a shot in the arm
so, he can stop being alarm
took three of them
and that shook him
don't want to be a COVID KID
so, he did what he had to do
ready to deliver a load of funk
wimps still have codes that's deft
wait in line, for a Pfizer and flu shot
do not miss these they do a lot
a vaccination don't want to mingle
with shingles that's some bad stuff
had to do it got mad enough
met a girl with a great behind
she be alert of collisions
must make knee-jerk decision
automatic there's static in religion
she's had it now on a mission
make boys dream quick
because her sex cream is thick
wonder will she give me a little bit
to fiddle wit, have sex in the middle of it
pie so wet he think her boyfriend go crazy
on it his body stay steaming
and now he's daydreaming
must rap to her
she perhaps prefer
a boyfriend to kiss
outside the wind brisk
guess he'll begin like this
“OK BOO you got a man?”
“No so what's his plan
she's a female sweet
and she nail the street
when she strut butt
he is like hold up
it is so brown
and round deserve a crown
his verbs and words pound
her brain then asks for a cake date
look he correct his pride
and use insecticide
work in the lawn came protected
he heard LEBRON JAMES got ejected
wow a vicious backhand left
really a bloody scene so deft
any way got plenty to say
as the Seven Eleven is across the street
great Heaven panties get tossed in heat
in that direction
after some phat affection
NAW PLAYER: remember she came to WALGREEN
dress in min-skirt, bra, and panties seem
boys was in search for girls she was struck
by love rap, “girl you have fine hair
need a divine affair
have no time to spare
we can drink wine and share”
look she's self-aware
and may go elsewhere
to duck the situation
don't wanna get stuck in a relation
that involves bed work
that could be a red alert
go through a lot and kissers
try for pie in VIRGINIA BEACH
so, she's a female rattle
up on the left is ACREDALE SADDLE
he's first rate
and thirst for cake
he shook over you
tonight, wanna huff and puff
because she have the right stuff
wonder if his game tight enough
she has butt and cake
and that's what it take
his facts renown
it's in his background
and no crack around
so, he don't smoke
and now want a coke
SHE SAID: I remember in December
a boy bought me a gift I was impressed
then he try lift my dress
his rap was up to snuff
luck was good enough
I was stuck he jest huff and puff
wanted them cream pies
between my thighs
he told me extreme lies
oh, my panties were so wet
we were at WALGREEN forget
this, look my facts exact
don't try to blackjack
me into having sex
best be grabbing the kotex
gonna do a fast walk away
if I hear trash talk today
NAW BOO I'm above the rim want cake
but can't intimidate
you boo not a dim fake
should let me satisfy
that phat pie and high
in the sky is a love song
we go the club then home
use to play hopscotch
and be top notch
girl you have swell hips
and well equipped
for the bed I slipped
and fell in love”
“OH, SO you're a hot shot
with a drop top
concerned today
and ready to turn away
from sex you amazed at my pies
I see the gaze in your eyes
and I hear days of lies
have to praise the skies
for putting air into this affair
I do raw flirting
after I draw the curtain
at home get in the shower
and wash my twin towers
which are my breasts
which has that fresh
milk, my pie original
so, no eye signals
a boy walked me home
and started to talk strong
just left WALGREEN a song
on the radio we went to his place
the birds made noise
not afraid of boys
the path was long and wide
soon we at his home inside
oh, he jest kissed my fine lips
right there my mind flipped
like pancakes at IHOPP
CD plays a wet tune
tries to get me in the room
I smell sweet its perfume


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