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Dec 3, 2007
everywhere and nowhere
to seek truth
I'm on the star track
so beam me up scott-y

rock rock party rock
doug e fresh beat box to la di da di

nice n smooth is hiphop junkies
beastie boyz made that funky monkey

paul revere
that beat was tight

i didn't drink cappachino
like mc lyte

tell flava flava that
nah,i don't beleive the hype

jimmy still wearin a hat
that can never go out of style

hey young world by slick rick
was written for a child

fat boys wrote a song
fallin in love is a serious thing to do

whodini wrote bout friends
and the freak in all of you

monie was in the middle
latifah was a queen

salt n pepa was independent
yo, who wrote gangsta lean

ed o g he had to have it
eric b c the mic he grab it

yo the fresh prince
now is the parent that just don't understand

van glorious
yo don't u remember x clan man

busta was a leader of the new school along wit charlie brown
just a case of the p.t.a., saab story... that 90's sound

my minds playin tricks
ghetto boys was that knock

there's nothin like the ole skool
was a dope song by tupac

eff the police
we sang that loud and proud

had the whole hood all soup'd up
to stand against the po po and say enough's enough

hiphop has been thru many facets
and it shows we have a voice

What we gonna use it for
is how u excercise a choice

peace, love unity and having fun

is what i choose.


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