Therious said:
Thats werd I just got up on the hyphy not to long ago. Man I miss Kali hip hop! we hear almost none of it back east. I like g-funk, but choo know like anything else when everyone starts to do it it just gets old. Howeva i feel u funk is a Kali thing like jazz is to N.O. If you went to L.A. now i gurantee theyd be playing some zapp and roger, or parliment.

Thats wack they was boing outkast just like i said if u a true hip hop fan u recognize outkast and what they brought to the tablem, and how they blew the south up. Then again the west coast took the same heat from the east when g-funk started to blow.

BTW Juvinile been coming with it latley!

Yeah that hyphy is fire .........some folk are real localized with what they like and want to hear and think is real and not whenever some stuff comes different it's not a surprise that folk won't like it.........

Yeah that Juve is hot and my folk was telling me yesterday that BG is doing work with Manny again now that he left Cash Money..........I'm waiting on the screw versions though..........I'm a screw head at heart...

Ghost Rider
Therious said:
In the west , mid west, and sout it is open country. people drive more than walk, there for their STYLE OF HIP HOP is that of something to ride too. in the east many people were wearing headphones so the beats reflected the head knod factor.
That's a good point...I never thought about that. Although, I would say that's mainly NY not the entire east coast (although most folks think of NY as the whole east coast :)) In NY most folks don't have cars, but that's not true of most other cities where the transit system isn't as efficient.

isaiah i agree with most of your post accept you can not deny the creativity and abstract/hypnotic beats from the east coast...
:bowdown: all I have to say is DJ Premeire out went lyrical skill, creative beats and rhyme scheme. out went rapping about uplifting blacks, and exposing whites and in came kill, steal, and be real.
This sounds like verse two of I Used to Love Her... :) Which brings up Common Sense, a Chicago emcee with lyrical skill (as opposed to Crucial Conflict with "Haaaay in the middle of the baaaarn"...I've been trying to get that trash out of my head for years...) I think the artist matters more than coast/region.
Therious said:
Man I miss Kali hip hop! we hear almost none of it back east. is still keeping the kali-wayz open....

simply have the b-boyz and the have fun crowd or also known as the pab crowd(party and bs)...

the b-boyz(regardless of region)...still look at hip-hop as a form and are more concentrated with lyrical potency...they also like to have fun but it's not number 1 on the list...skillz are

the pab crowd(regardless of region) is more concerned with having a good time with the'n at the club or visualizing violent scenes from a thug's perspective....

not everyone from the north is a b-boy
and not everyone from the south and west are pab'ers....

truth be told...i believe when women starting actually liking and dancing to hip-hop at the clubs...this changed the direction that hip-hop travelled in...the record companys saw this new market open up suddenly and started to cater to it....i remember back in 1990...when i went to the club(with fake i.d. of and they played most hip-hop...the women would sit down until some r&b or some reggae came on...times have sure changed since then....

one love


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