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    HIPHOP is defined as the study of self transformation and the pursuit of self expression. It is an awareness that helps to change subjects and objects.

    A subject as Pharaoh's in ancient Kemet had, where mere students. If you had been subjected, it was because you excercised that need to be taught how to live peacefully.

    As opposed to slavery, where you become property.

    HIPHOP has nine elements and continues to grow.

    MC'in is the study of divine speech. Most of what we study in american society including the bible, shakespeare, homers oddessey, tora, etc. are based on the divine language of our ancestors.

    Breaking is the study of martial arts with an aspect of double dutch, and James Brown. All dance is a form of self expression and body language, from ballet to jazz to modern all the way to Michael Jordan's hang time. Even crump dance, which is popular now.

    Grafitti is the study of color, light and dimensions and the way in which they effect the brain, which in turn began in ancient times in the cave paintings.

    DJ'in is the study and pursuit of technology. It's funny that ronald reagan started off as a dj, then actor, then politician. Makes you go hmmmmmmmm.

    Beat Box is the study of mind and body health, and self expression in the face of nothing. I have nothing but myself.. what can I create with that and nothing else?

    Next is street fashion.

    Followed by street languange which I like to call ebonics, but also the way in which languange can and has evolved.

    Street Knowledge is the study of Universal Law.

    And lastly, street entrepenauralism... trying to make a dollar otta fifteen cents.

    HIPHOP is a representation of higher conciousness, but not only that, it's an awareness that teaches that we, ourselves, have the ability to change conciousness.

    HIPHOP is a recognized culture by the United Nations, and is based on the elements as stated above, and the priciples of Peace, Love, Unity and having fun.
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    thas good info...i'm still up in the 80-90's and ish...i thought there were only four elements...still livin in the past i


    one love