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Feb 9, 2007
The info below sent to me in an email. The info below will not appear on site. is currently being updated,and that is why I posted the entire message.


(Washington, DC: October 2, 2007) With rap music being at the center of discussions about misogyny and male attitudes toward women, a Hip-Hop song entitled We Luv Black Women will be released on October 2nd, to promote the opposite message.

Hip-Hop artist, activist and author, Tehuti, has decided to launch a campaign, countering the negative stereotypes and imagery oftentimes perpetuated in the media and in Hip Hop about Black women. The result is his ear-catching song entitled, We Luv Black Women, a website ( and two children’s books, all to be released on October 2nd. Tehuti has a Masters in Human Services and his thesis centered around Hip Hop Culture as a teaching tool and intervention strategy, so he felt compelled to take action.

“During the Don Imus situation, Black men should have stepped up to support our women versus so many leaders just stepping on their own children by once again blaming Hip Hop. At the same time, in the culture of Hip Hop, we should have responded with songs that show more than the stereotypical portrayals of Black women that we are constantly inundated with daily. I couldn’t just stand by and do nothing. I had to act,” says Tehuti.

And, taking action is something that Tehuti does very well. During the 1990’s, Tehuti conducted Hip Hop Culture workshops at D.C. Public Schools and has also worked with youth in Child & Family Services and Juvenile Justice systems. “I once worked at a school that did not have a library, so I pulled together a bunch of my own books and started a makeshift school library.” Tehuti is also no stranger to the music industry, with experience handling the management, bookings, and promotions for established artists.

On October 2, Tehuti will also release the website and two of his children’s books. The website includes historic facts about the great accomplishments of women of African descent worldwide. The children’s books are entitled Pretty Little Girl and Black People Read Well. Pretty Little Girl was written to encourage young Black girls to believe that they are beautiful. Black People Read Well was written to promote reading and writing to elementary school children, and to also help parents instill reading and writing skills in their children.

Tehuti will be one of the featured authors at the National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment (NABFEME) Literary Lounge in Charlotte, North Carolina October 3-7. “Those who protest Hip Hop as a culture and rap music as an influence on multi-media outlets should equally be the loudest supporters of what I am doing.” Tehuti asserts “beyond criticizing lyrics, consumers need to support positive messages and artists must not be afraid to step up to the plate and be innovative. And, to quote the words of the song, “So if you got a lady or momma or sister or daughter, I know you love that. We Luv Black Women!”

For more information on We Luv Black Women, Pretty Little Girl, and Black People Read Well or to arrange an interview with Tehuti, please contact Aaliyah Rashad at 909-350-9500 or email

Contact: Aaliyah Rashad
Soulstice Marketing
(909) 350-9500

Get a sneak peek of the song at www.weluvblackwomen .com


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