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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved, it is nice to hear that the Hip Hop Community is seriously thinking
    about addressing this most Divine issue of Reparation, but it is not enough
    to address this particular issue without the proper education about where it
    come from, what it really mean and the true purpose it must serve, because
    to jump into an ocean without a Life Raft and you do not know how to swim,
    only assure your bravery that one died a brave and useless death.

    It is not enough to address the issues that are affecting the Black life in
    america, without the intent to be successful in eliminating the problem.

    We may address those issues that are bringing and is serving as a pain to
    Justice for Black Folks and do nothing to eliminate the pain, such an effort
    is non effective.

    We Black Folks in america only play with the issues that is killing,
    depressing and oppressing our Black Life, which demand an action that will
    bring about the elimination of the problem those issues are causing.

    We still have those problems that have been addressed for the last five
    hundred years and it is all because we have been misinformed about what it
    is we must do to have freedom, Justice, Peace of Mind, Joy, Independence and
    sovereignty of Life.

    If those principals are not our goal, which will enable us to experience our
    Liberation, then whatever efforts are being made toward Reparation, is
    useless, having only the effect of a band aid.

    The Black Life in america require surgery and such a procedure must be to
    remove the cancer not cover it up, and such is what we have being doing with
    the cancer sores of Racism, prejudice, discrimination, injustice,
    mis-education, no political power, no authority over our Black Life, self
    destruction, etc;, yet we become satisfied in only addressing these problems
    that eat at our Black Life as a cancer does to the flesh, never moving to
    eliminate the cancer.

    Now we talk about approaching Reparation as a civil rights issue, but I must
    inform you, the one and only serum that is the antidote to our cancerous
    problem is Reparation, and it must not be attempted to be used as we have
    done with all of the other cancerous problems affecting our Black Afrikan
    Life, seeking ways to just minimize the pain.

    Reparation is not a Civil Rights issue my dear beloved, it is a Human Rights
    issue and must be respected as such, it is the vehicle our Enslaved Afrikan
    Ancestors left to us, for the purpose to Liberate us from the evil and wiles
    of this devilish immoral system of america injustice and disrespect toward
    the Children of the middle - passage.

    Reparation come fully dressed with her garment of Liberation for the
    Children of the Middle - Passage, wearing the attire of Repatriation and
    Nation State and Afrika liberation and it demand that the Children of the
    Middle - Passage full fill our obligation to our Enslaved Ancestors and by
    doing so we full fill the obligation to ourselves, we must return back Home
    in Afrika, you may take it or leave, but most certainly do not attempt to
    reduce it to fit our little petty selfish desires,which is to remain in
    bondage in america, so that we may rot under the evil and unjust infectious
    feet of america Racism, domination, authority and power of evil disrespect
    for the Black Afrikan Life.

    If the Hip Hop Community is seriously thinking of taking up this sacred and
    divine issue, Reparation, the first step you should take, before doing
    anything in behalf of Reparation, is, you should have a clear vision of what
    Reparation represent and those of us who has such a clear understanding and
    vision of Reparation, we stand ready to address this sacred issue,
    Reparation, with anybody who is Black and Afrikan enough to desire to hear
    the true meaning and purpose of Reparation.

    It certainly is not about our civil rights, but is about our Human Rights,
    Black Womb- gender and Man in america, here by way of the Middle - Passage,
    NO! it was not the so call statue of liberty, NO! such did not wave us into
    america, we came as prisoner of evil, Shackled in Chains, such is what
    Reparation represent and that is why it represent Liberation!!!

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

    We Must Cause Trouble ( with the truth ) Until Our Liberation!!!

    We did not come here as free people, american, Jamacans, Haitians,
    Barbadians, Brazilians, Bahamains, etc; we came as prisoners of evil, Black
    and Afrikan!!! ( GARVEY )

    It Is The Black Fool Who Say, I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!! ( OSIRIS)

    It Is Time For A Black Afrikan Spiritual Retreat, So We Can Reclaim Our
    Black Afrikan Mind!!!

    Completely Loving The Black Afrikan Nation.


    Chief Elder
    Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist, Political Reveloutionary

    National Chairman
    Sankofa Repatriation Movement

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    By Brother Salim Kujitawala

    Since its beginning, Hip Hop culture has always played a role in major
    issues that have affected the Black community here in America. In the early
    1980's Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five produced the song, "The
    Message." It spoke about poverty, unemployment and social injustice. In
    1989 Hip Hop artists such as MC Lyte, Heavy D, Public Enemy and KRS1founded
    "The Stop the Violence Movement." That movement went on to produce the Hip
    Hop classic "Self-Destruction", which addressed the issue of Black on Black
    crime. A few years later artists on the west coast produced "We're all in
    the Same Gang.", which also spoke about crime in the Black community. In
    more recent times the Hip Hop community has been involved in producing songs
    for "September 11th" and in encouraging more young people to get involved
    politically by voting. Now it is time for the Hip Hop community to get
    involved in the Reparations Movement.

    The Reparations Movement is an important issue that the Hip Hop community
    should address for a couple of reasons. The Hip Hop community is trying to
    mobilize young Black People to register to vote and it has done a great job.
    However it is not just enough to register to vote. One must now what one is
    voting for. Therefore if the Hip Hop community is going to move more young
    Black People to vote, it must also educate them on the issues. The only
    political issue that relevant to Black People today is the issue of
    reparations. Reparations covers issues such as education, health care,
    taxes and land.

    An issue that Reparations also addresses that should be of particular
    importance to the Hip Hop community is police brutality and the prison
    system, because so many people of the Hip Hop generation are affected by it.
    Police departments in cities such as N.Y. and Miami have or are forming "Hip
    Hop Squads", to monitor Hip Hop artists. With the majority of Hip Hop
    artists are Black, Latino and/or poor people; this can be considered a form
    of "Racial and Economic Profiling." A Rave which is attended by
    predominately white people, is known for its heavy drugs use, however it
    does not have an entire police squad dedicated to it.

    Hip Hop artists must realize that they have the power to influence people,
    in particular young people, and can do it world wide. Hip Hop artists have
    captured the ears, hearts and minds of people such as Bill Cosby, Bill
    O'Reilly and even the United States Senate. Whether the medium is music,
    movie, video magazine or clothing line everyone wants to experience Hip Hop.
    With this type of impact, Hip Hop can help to advance the Reparations
    Movement ten fold.

    Hip Hop artists have a responsibility to produce music that is a balance to
    the overabundance of party and sexually suggestive songs that are already
    made. If Snoop can have people "dropping it like its hot" or if Nelly can
    have our sisters "dropping down and getting their eagle on" then they can
    drop a few tracks about reparations.

    For more information on how to get involved in the Reparations Movement, one
    can contact: The National Black United Front (NBUF) 12817 South Ashland
    Calumet Park, Illinois 60827 Phone: (708) 389-9929 Fax: (708) 389-9819
    E-Mail: [email protected] or visit the website FORWARD

    Brother Salim Kujitawala

    C/O Akoben

    P.O. Box 860133

    Wahiawa HI 96786

    [email protected] ******************

    (808) 478-6895