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    Thy life line has given the seed, the image of a prophet
    that presents his family tree,
    The son of sons, that flows through the tunnel of a new day.
    The rivers as you lye upon the rivers of Niles,
    that lives within thee.
    The earth within thy womb, that inflates a human being,
    mercy to thee thy God, Thy gift of a king.
    atonement, redemption, sacrifice, mercy or grace
    shall not surface the hip hop generation
    for it is a curse within the Oh say can you see
    satins authority death you have signed a treaty with satin
    the lynching of your own family tree.Living by the Code
    Satin Authority

    U.nder S.atin .A.uthority

    The ancient dust that exhales the devil in his clutch,
    of thy shied of Gods love. The almighty God shall cage the beast.
    Humanities sings, oh glory to thee. The fountains that cry blood,
    title of conformity thy cross survey the words of love.
    Oh thy brothers hand thou shall confess their pride of hate,
    when justices sets a place for thee.
    When sinners fall the righteous shall stand.

    Integrity , society, program intercity,
    fear of slave mentality, exterminations,
    of a reproduction, hate me be me, see an self deceptions .
    The belly of the well, darkness continues
    to breed darkness, death a release,
    better to be dead that a slave within self.

    I am the link between the heavens an earth,
    there is no dress rehearsal of my obligations,
    to my inner spirit, an my fruits of my fathers garden,
    great spirits who has felt the belly of the beast,
    but yet I sing of rebirth, my arms are long,
    and my back is strong, I walk with the scars,
    of man’s disregards. I am the incubator of all
    his hopes and dreams, fruits and liquids,
    from my father’s garden of faith.

    Bowing to honor only one God,
    not man for he is sometimes his own disgrace.
    Sisters and brothers crying
    there is no hiding place, to close the wounds,
    of man’s dishonor of her rightful place.
    The bond is no longer there as she cries,
    give me love are give me death.
    Man harvesting the temple, which she lives,
    treating her like she was the back door help,
    when she gives him love.

    The sanctuary of marriage, oh where can it be,
    sleeping with the enemy,
    who feels she is not worthy of his name?
    The battle fields that she has fought to keep him alive,
    which he frowns upon her with no regards.

    Motherless children without a father,
    whom he promised her love, before she became with child.
    Where is the loyalty to his hope chest, and his family pride?
    No longer shall I take the heat, for his own like of dignity,
    crying the words of our ancestors, with no respect for there beliefs.
    I have felt the pain of civilization,
    I have humbled to man in honor of his name.
    My windows are fogged; there is no hiding place,
    that I might hide this shame of his own disregards

    . Father of the Universe, Mother of rebirth.
    Lifelines we must break the curse, of self-disgrace.
    Between the rivers and the tunnel of light,
    The begging of life. The swelling of thou breast,
    The milk and honey, that awaits your first breath.
    Your head and shoulders between my knees,
    as I birth the warrior of the earth.

    The chain that connects from heaven and earth.
    The symbol of Gods Locks, the pain that you scream.
    The first slap of the earth.
    I screamed as I pushed you out of my womb,
    life labor un rehearse, remember son we are one.
    You have turned around the chains that connect
    from my womb and put the chains around
    my neck.

    Curtain call you have now killed the sacred order
    Of mother with the death of your spoken words.

    Raping me of my dignity
    Wearing the sentiments of my sacred identity
    Summoned by my ancestors
    As they turn over in they grave.
    Masquerading as a hero without
    A clue of tomorrow living in a mansion
    Without recovery of who is
    and what your mission to be
    My babies future of tomorrow.

    Control through the psychotic Fraud state of mind.
    Hypnosis and pain control inflicted within the circle
    Of a culture what we learn, what we think, what we think
    The future will bring, under a hypnotic state of mind.

    I the words of thy Ancestors,
    summoned by the spirits of thy ancestors.
    Of those who have entered the rights of passage.
    I shall continue to carry the torch.

    Those who have come and gone.
    The lights that will never burn out.
    The voices cry from the womb,
    there are no greater weapons,
    than mercy and hope,
    there is only one peace
    and love to thy almighty.

    Primordial wisdom and truce.
    Through the tabernacle of strength,
    shall render the capacity, Of knowledge ,
    wisdom and Understanding.

    Truth to self, the memories, legacy, self sacrifice,
    to thy almighty God. Let thy wisdom sing
    as a wave of a rock. Shall ring the bells of deliverance.
    Resistance assimilations of the universe.
    Genocide by its own right hands. The mission
    upon the land of the lost. Death by rotten roots.
    Life is death within the spoken tongue,
    all things band together an all shall connect.

    I am not dead the voices cry beyond the womb.
    See the spirits of creations, Through birth,
    visualizations of creations, Through a microscope
    the dead is not dead, Death is life and life is death.
    The truth is in the fires of man.
    Breath of thy ancestors tree. I the resurrection of life.

    Toxins that filled the streets
    Sipping on death
    Oppressor of self
    Surrounding hate
    Pollutions has no fate
    Listen to my sons lynch me
    through the corners of mind
    And teach my babies that they must
    Kill one another and love the ghetto
    Mentality that they will never be
    Nothing but criminals and thieves.

    Sanctioning all orders of the indoctrination of the black man
    My brothers who stand for the revolution
    You shall also kill the sanctuary of what a black
    Man is to his future and tomorrow.
    The black man who stands for order
    And you continue to kill him
    Through the eyes of our God.
    killing the image the black man
    The image of thy God.
    Lynchings of the history of the black
    Man and the words of freedom buried
    In the indoctrination slavery in a new world
    Order but the death is by the sword of
    Greed and treason death to the black women
    Lynch by her son’s death trap by
    The contract signed in blood
    Slaughter to my inheritance in the name
    Proclamation kill my mother universe.

    The slave masters sit back as my son’s
    Sing my death. Killing one another
    Who lyrics shall be the one to pull the rope
    Around my neck. There is no loyalty
    Among the sons of darkness treason
    Upon my family tree.

    The slave masters sits back with a cigar
    And laugh watch those ******* kill there selves.
    The last poets the revolutionist no longer assist’s
    Sealed in a book and burned by black face death by lyrics.
    Watch me killed my legacy, I have no loyalty only
    To the devil himself.

    How dear you call me a *****
    You claim your first taste of milk from my breast.

    How dear you call me a whore when the love and promises
    You made, like a coward you walked out.

    How dear you laugh at the projects which I lived
    It was clean and I kept your *** warm and educated
    Your thoughts nevertheless you wanted to be a thug.

    Now you sing my death march as a whore without
    Knowledge. I now castrate you from the left side
    Of my ribs, like the slave traders that set before the block
    You my son has taken over where he left off.
    Sitting with your bling bling disrespecting your sisters
    Like there were the slave trade. You sit back with
    Slave medallions upon your chest.
    Perpetrating a fraud you represent the black man.

    Slaughtering your brothers in the name of fame.
    And the slave masters who made you signed
    The contract to killed your mother universe
    And slaughtering your young brothers and sisters
    Toxins that feed there minds, great leaders within
    the hip hop killed by the blood of his brothers hands,

    Killing a legacy but this time the blood is on the black
    Mans hand, hiding behind the cloak of the slave masters
    Regimen kill them ******* I have the master key,
    I have a breeder a new CD Klan’s
    there is no mask needed, dignity and loyalty has no
    source of identity when the slave kills the legacy of self.

    Beyond the Universe I humble within the curse of the earth.
    My validation upon this land I humble , which man cannot understand.
    Thy child like state and those who represents the armor of Gods grace.
    My inheritance shall be restored upon this earth.

    I shall not die, I shall return. My spirits sings its own resurrection to fame.
    I have been murder through tribulations, but I shall return,
    Until my brothers get it right.
    The man of wisdom shall hold its own. Through the valley of death,
    Man do not understand the philosophy of a true king.
    My sisters in strength, my brothers in denial,
    I the black queen shall not be erase.
    My victory has succeeded before man of revenge,
    Which throw stones upon my house.

    Give me love are give me death,
    I shall no longer live.
    within the means of destruction,
    that proclaim to be love,
    I sit upon the dreary nights,
    trying to understand ,
    this misery called love,
    I shall no longer feel the hunger of love.
    I shall die before I give into,
    the hypocrisy of pain.

    I give to thee,
    the softness of thy heart,
    I give to thee ,
    the sacred grounds of my temple,
    accepting the laughter masqueraded as love.

    There shall be no dismay,
    in the pretense of forbidden love,
    I shall rise above the night.
    Give me love are give me death.
    The songs of love ,
    shall no longer be faded ,
    within the songs of death,
    illusions of a want to be love.

    I have given my treasures of jewels,
    As I lay upon the night,
    hopeless an confuse.
    The word love must now have a meaning,
    without confusion,
    I shall closed the chapter of dismay,
    I shall no longer,
    settle for heart ache and pain.

    The sounds of the winds no longer sing.
    The roses no longer stand with strength,
    the sun only brings clouds dark an dreary,
    The waters cry there own song.

    I shall no longer live in darkness.

    Give me love are give me death,
    beyond the words of captivity,
    will not be my victim song,
    I cry rebirth give me love.
    Embrace thee for the scars are to deep,
    embrace thee the splendors,
    are blister within my realms,
    embrace thee I bare children of your seed,
    the curse shall not live on.
    Give me life are give me death.

    Flesh that eats my soul, I was never warn ,
    summitry of proportions, divisions of my brothers pain.
    Ancient as the world, unlocking the volts of nature,
    reaps of scars an pain, I the murder of my brothers hand.
    Mans creations of decay,
    they link to the sisters and brothers,
    dusty as the ancient seas,
    stalking the backdoors of humanity,
    imitations of morality, gliding visions
    of tomorrow , hunger like a beast in the night,
    significance of reflections,
    riddles of love an life, accusations,
    allegations, anger of expressions,
    the miseries of man.

    Roses of rank death.
    Terrors of hidden smiles, reluctance of men.
    Decayed visions of self worth, raping society.
    Let Freedom ring the bell has no tone.
    Unlocking the vault I the invisible man.

    I give the gift of life to you thy God,
    thy slate has to much dirt to fur fill,
    clean thy soul, I have killed my brother.
    He sing the songs of sadness,
    I shall never sleep through the night,
    thy conscious of the night cries,
    the faces that I have slaughter
    within thy house, history repeats
    I am not worthy to lead.

    Thy curse of the flesh has haunted thy logic of the earth,
    thy wisdom has faded red to black.
    I have invaded the sacred grounds of creations,
    nature cries to the tones of darkness, morality is dead,
    I have cut of thy right hand to spite thy face,
    I have plucked out my right I in disgrace,
    I wear the scars of my brothers,
    I walk among the living dead,
    I forfeit my stool, I have killed
    my brother through his emotions,

    and left many wounds.

    I the belly of the beast, I have cursed my
    children the forth generation, this Is the end.
    I take my beatings upon the earth,
    the darkness of sacred grounds have been cursed.
    There is no peace upon the earth I slaved my brother.
    I took him to a level of no return.
    I the ego of my own disgrace,
    I the lustful demons has disgrace the sanctuary of thy rib,
    I have shamed the temple where I create,
    I the life line of my ribs.
    I no longer see the heart of my ribs,
    I see the flesh which I live.
    I forfeit my stool.

    The warrior of peace,
    They cry no more,
    For thou is covered under the blood.
    I shall not embrace the thoughts of tears,
    Glimpse of heaven,
    Under my micro glass,
    Thou pass the beating of unwanted
    traitorous by truth.
    Illusions of the mind, death not proud,
    the edge, empty words,
    Mirror of salvation, dark wings,
    prophesies within.

    ManyHip Hop rappers who continue to defame woman and the destruction of our youth, the lyrics that many display the black women as a ******* and whores, and the messages to our young there is no survival only in the hood, lyching through the media and treason to his own family tree. Killing and murders that is motivated through the lyrics of many thugs.
    Nevertheless all rappers do not fall within the summary which is written. Many contracts which are signed to over throw a people. Read the contract that you sign all the fine letters with wisdom you will find the truth between the lines.

    The destruction of a people within the blood of mans own right hand words cannot be taken back once the damage is done.
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    oh this flow is nice sister
    the heat rising forn this here scribe
    nice one
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    felt the power of a heat wave flowing from dis flow on