Black Women : Hip Hop & Black women "You're not a 'B' or a H-e"


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Apr 6, 2006
Myrtle Beach, SC
You know, while I've heard this issue 1000 times, I see this topic point the finger at all hip hop male artists rather than focus on mainstear hip hop amle artists and the companies who promote them.

Let me say that again.

This is not a hip hop atitude issue. This is a music company and slave-artist marketing issue. The fact that this degradation to black women mostly comes from the "mainstream hip hop" artist. This means that the songs, video messages, promotion, and marketing of the ideas that degrade you, sister, are not the work of the mainstream artists alone, but the companies as well. I would dare say that it is mainly the fault of the companies. The artist is merely the slave spitting what his masters tell him to.

I've been saying for years that the mainstream is not the way to go to promote your art, because the companies that cause the mainstream to exist believe three harmful American concepts:

1 sex sells
2 greed sells
3 violence/anger sells

If you look carefully at all popular mainstream music, at some point an artist under the thumb of the mainstream is made to say these things. The worst part of it all is that somewhere along the line, an impressionable soul picks up the intended message: if you want to be successful doing this, you have to do and say things to debase youur own people. That's how we got about 90% of the new artists that are out there now.

Talaam Acey said it all best with his video, which I'll post shortly.

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