Black People : Hip Hop: A blessing or a curse?

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Feb 22, 2008
Atlanta, GA
I was just thinking about how much Hip Hop is blamed for the problems in the Black community. In the same token many people such as Jay Z, who claim Hip Hop as their culture, donate loads of money to their community. As a matter of fact, many of the most important figures in Hip Hop are known for their Philanthropic efforts. Are the positive things never mentioned, because the media wants to portray a negative image of something that could potentially uplift the original people of the world? Does the negative image of Hip Hop over shadow the positive one?

Let me know what yall think
As always, you have to consider the folks complaining.

If you don't like it, change the station. I don't care for heavy metal, and I'd be hard pressed to give you ANY lyric. But I respect the right for folks to do what they do.
Do you think the Hip Hop community is unfairly stereotyped?
Do you think the Hip Hop community is unfairly stereotyped?

Ya **** skippy!!

The individuals who criticize hip hop for being negative are mentally flatlined. All anyone who has an ounce of brain would have to do is research a little bit and see that there is just as many positive artists as there as there are gangster acts. These dummies just don't see that there has been a conspiracy to showcase the negative aspects of hip hop over the positive in order to pollute the minds and spirits of the youth, yet at the same time making black youth "be perceived" to be worse than they are.
I agree with Rasembi....just not in the same words....LOL
I believe it was some thing positive though
but have become something forgotten...
Of cousr people always trying to reminice about something..
but in everyday life...hip hop has been lost..
The stereotypes came from being profiled from gangter rap...
Hip Hop MC'ing was not the cause of it....
Baggy pants, bandanas, and caps came form Rap music.....that is how you look if you are a thug...
But Ever African Nature Person related to the Clothes and to "Others" we ALL were Gangters, thugs, and Hoodlums...

They didnt know any dag on Better


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