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Mar 31, 2001
Sweet aroma
As I walk into the living room
Of this man

There were colors of knowledge and ferver
Stimulation and history

Concluded maybe some love making on the sofa
The sofa was a deep, silk, dark red almost deep rose color

House completely furnished
From head to toe

Indication of space
And awareness

Eluminating light affects in the dining room

Deep mohagany wooden floors
In the family room

Sunflower but light yellow sofa against the wall

Feeling caved in a little
He said "Let me have your hat and coat"

You see this little fling was in November

Relaxed now time passed
As we talked about
The past
Love affairs

Goals for the future
And knowledge and pride for our people
History had marked itself and provided for us another (better way of opportunity)

As I picked up the clear wine glass to take a sip
Dabbed my lips with a napkin

Our eyes met eachother once again
As I got up from the table

He stopped me again
Put his hand on my waist

And our lips met eachother in the living room
Again I found myself on the sofa (deep rose color)
Reminded me of rose petals

Our delightful surroundings and the dim lights
Created a whirlwind of huge bursting emotions

But pushed him away
As if to say something isn't right

Again he came forward and persisted sayin"Baby,is it good for you?,he started again to work my nerves and lectured me on my curves

Then he came licking me slowly up my neck and gentlely kisses of corrections running down my clavicle bone towards my chest

The passion was intoxicating
But still I heard myself saying"
Let me go"

And he let me go
Again we started talking again

Leaned forward and whispered in my ear"everything's going to be alright"

My body wanted to say yes
Because It felt so right

But my mind wouldn't let me stray away from the thought
Another handsome face

I said give me a moment to clear my head
As I asked him calmly for a glass of water
I seated myself on the chair

And saw a picture of past lover's together
I noticed and asked him who was the other person in his embrace
Oh,as his words searched to fill in the blank momentary pauses he said,"who is she?,Oh,that's just my friend."

I asked him to use the restroom and found yet another picture in the hall.
This one the same another woman pretty face and again in his embrace.
I entered the living room again
I saw him seated in the chair

Hesitately,I said that it just wouldn't be right
Barely,even know you and I don't want anything to progress
Into something I would regret

Flashbacks of just a moment ago
He handed me my things and we hugged and I thanked him for the nice time that we had

The next day I recieved a phone call at my home
I answered it and said hello

Followed the script
And found myself ,ladies night out evening with the girls

Clubbin was the kind of activity of the night
Got out the car and guess who I saw

Him walking in the club
With the lady in the picture in his arms

My mind erased
Delayed and remebered the other day we were to together talking about whatever

I couldn't stay and I had my friend drive me back home
I walked into my apartment
Threw my purse on the floor...
And kept on crying till I couldn't cry anymore...

To be continued...

and Storm called the East to the streets of NY and MD for her backups: Da Street So'ja, MADDRAPPER and dnommo and they climbed on the plane with :uzi: in their hands to settle the dismay that a playa tried to portray on one of the scribes... :D:

:lol: :rolling: :lol: jes playin'

this piece is full of thoughts that few tend to recognize when going through the experiences...that little conscience is a powerful tool...when we listen to it...

excellence from the strom of greatness :D:


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