Law Forum : Hillary Clinton's Email Protocol: Lessons in eDiscovery. Say what?

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    Believe it or not, there is a company called Avant Resources that is hosting a webinar to teach legal professionals, IT executives, employers and business leaders, strategies used in eDiscovery--essentially how to HIDE and BURY emails like Hillary Clinton seems to have successfully done.

    Hillary Clinton's Email Protocol
    Lessons in eDiscovery's Role as Legal Shield or Sword

    Tuesday October 18th at 12:30pm ET
    (11:30am CT, 10:30am MT, 9:30am PT)
    Duration: 75 minutes

    Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server and her law firm’s decisions on which emails to keep or delete have cast a shadow over her presidential campaign, and may even affect this year’s election outcome.

    Behind the headlines lives a real and fascinating story about how skillful attorneys used eDiscovery methodology and advanced search technology to define and lawfully limit the scope of the probe into the content of her emails.

    An understanding of the this high-profile case provides an excellent foundation on the role of eDiscovery in today’s legal matters where evidence is often buried in huge volumes of business data. Metadata, email threading techniques, the scope of relevancy and proportionality are among many concepts at play in the new world of eDiscovery.

    In this webinar training geared for legal professionals, IT executives, employers and business leaders, you will learn strategies used in eDiscovery, with concrete examples of how a proactive approach to data can serve as sword or shield in work-related investigations and general business litigation.

    Learning Objectives:
    • Quick Overview of eDiscovery
    • Why eDiscovery is Critical to today's investigations
    • The Hillary Clinton Example and eDiscovery Protocols
    • Practical applications for General and Corporate Counsel
    • Trends in eDiscovery
    Your Avant Resources Expert: Roe Frazer
    Attorney, technology executive and leading authority in the use of technology in the practice of law, particularly involving discovery and evidentiary matters. He is the co-founder and former CEO of Cicayda, a litigation software company specializing in proprietary text analytics. He is a speaker and writer on a variety of legal and technology topics. Roe also started CaseLogistix, a litigation software company, now owned by Thomson Reuters.