Black Poetry : High Off Him

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    Full Time Working On Self
    Black in my Mind
    One taste of his tongue
    I was undone
    Like uncut cocaine
    Pushed my sleeves up
    To let him in
    Like Straight shoot
    Heroin to vein
    My last nerve
    I craved him
    Deep within
    Buggin wide eye
    Like crack fiend
    For my next cum up
    Tried others
    But he my drug of choice
    My jones
    For him alone
    Habitual Rehab detox
    Can't stay clean nor sober
    Drunk off his intoxicating believable bullsh&t
    Got me Hungover
    He stole
    He took
    My love
    He lied
    Got caught
    We fought
    Nobody won
    When it was all said and done
    I should of known to run
    He slang "I'm sorry Baby"
    Like grams off a kilo brick
    I must be Jesus
    Forgiving Judas
    I was a hype
    Chasing his high
    Like tightly packed
    Meth pipe
    Shaking from withdrawals
    I scanned streets
    Called so called connects
    Got gaffled
    Took slow drags of him often
    Held him like the kind bud
    Smoke in my chest
    Chasing that first high he gave me
    Chasing that first eyes rolled back
    Chasing that first warm all over
    Chasing that first mind blown wow
    Chasing something that I loved, but never loved me back
    He was like my dealer and my drug
    I was addicted to his smack
    Leaving heartache
    Like hyperdemic needle tracks
    Swear i felt like I had been popping Mollies with shots of Hennessy
    Back to back
    He my LSD
    I hallucinate we in love
    We in something
    He my painkiller
    But see he be killing me softly
    Its why Im in pain
    And he the only remedy
    This relationship is loaded
    Too many cold turkey kicking
    Leading to too many soon relaspes
    Nostrils flared
    Me with my sleeves pulled up
    Slapping my viens
    To find a good one
    Please let me find a good one
    The faithful one was never faithful
    I refuse to be Dopesick again
    I will need a fix soon
    Maybe change my drug of choice
    He my HA
    Him Anonymous
    But I'm no quitter
    Addicted to Him
    He my Thirteenth Step
    God grant me the serenity
    There is no wisdom here
    When it comes to him
    Doesn't work