Black Spirituality Religion : High Levels Of Civilization

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    "...During ancient times African and Afro-Elamite matriarchal religions reached high levels of civilization, and its architecture, sacredotal rites, elaborate vestments, "orgiastic" (possessions) celebrations covered the entire ancient world. They dominated the religious, political and popular cultures of colonial (and classical) Greece and Rome. The prophecies and wisdom of the Sibyls and other African esoteric priesthoods were central to Christianity's ecclesiastical development and Levitical Judaism's survival. After the militaristic defeat and decline of Africa, patriarchal world hegemony, the Roman Church began to emerge as an imperialists inquisitorial power. They then exploited and plagiarized the Sibyls prophecies and usurped their sacred rites and Vatican seat of divine power in Italy. They credited their prophetic works to obscure white males whom they labeled as phophets and saints. They then waged holy war against the Sibyls later accusing them of "Taurian" [black] heathenism." (Via Latina, Rome, 361-363 C.E.)..." -- "The Sibyls: The First Prophetess' of Mami (Wata) - The Theft of African Prophecy by the Catholic Church" by Vivian Hunter-Hindrew

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