Black Poetry : High and Dry

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    Men can be so foul
    Let me tell ya’ll this story
    How an hour ago I had a smile, but now I’m left with just a scowl
    Brother got a sistah all riled up
    Hot and bothered from head to toe:blob fire:
    Making promises to do unmentionable things to my body
    Ohh honey chiles you just don’t know!:jumping:
    Whispered sweet nothings that reached way down deep
    Had sweat popping up all over
    The hills and valleys
    In between and all the way down to the grassy clover:rolling:
    Nipples rising, panties soaking wet
    x-rated thoughts running rampant through this poet’s mind
    Had me thinking of all the pleasure that two people can create
    Just knew he was a special lover…one of a kind:devil:
    Watching every hour, every minute, every second
    Tick by, slowly counting down to un imaginable pleasure
    Finally the time has come mouth just watering
    Just couldn’t wait for my choclaty treasure
    I just new I was about to conquer mountains:jumping:
    stars were about to burst sonnets were going to be created
    Melodies were about to be sung
    Cause we were gonna get buck wild and naked!:angel1:
    Time for promises to be fulfilled
    And passions to ignite
    I got the whip cream, the chocolate sauce
    And baby I was a magnificent sight!:lips:
    But……hold up where did that Negro go?:eeek:
    A minute past the hour he was supposed to be here
    Doorbell ain’t dinged, phone hasn’t rung
    I’m left standing here, coochie in mid air…..:censored:
    And here it is 5 hours past not a peep nor a holla
    The bed hasn’t rocked, my hair ain’t even mussed
    Coochie done dried up , chocolate done been ate
    I’m so frustrated and I’m about to bust!:nuts:
    Can you believe this **** ?!?!?!
    Men can be so foul:cry:
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    dis will do it every time .......but honey relax and unwined
    coz da night one will call get set to feel his crawl
    ya hot off da press wit dis one ............heatwave!