Black Authors : Hidden Language.. (just a lil idea)

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    May 10, 2003
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    Hey what's gwanin. Am kinda nu ta dese boards still so I don't know If I'm sposed ta clear this wiv any admins n ting before hand but I fort I'd run dis by you neway and if needs be u can lok dis.

    Basically its jus a lil ting I bin doin wit ma bredrins from skool and ova writers called Hidden Language. Basically someone i.e. me issues a title or key word that could be anything "poison", "hush fool" neting like dat and a nex person writes a poem or freeverse based on that title, den aftawards dey issue a title and da nex person who feels ta step up ta da challenge takes it on... and it goes like dat in a circle.

    There's only a few simple guidelines:

    1. Don't feel that you have to be writin to give others a title to base work on.

    2. Just because a title may have been taken don't be put off, bring your own flava to it.

    3. They can be as long/short/descriptive whatever u want. It doesn't necessarily have to include that key word or title, it's your own interpretation.

    Nehow like I sed b4 if der's a problem wit dis bein here it can be lokt but I fort it'd be hektic ta give dis a try wiv all da fantastic skills up in dis place. Whoeva wants ta get tha ball rolling can start.

    Title: Two Cents

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    Mar 31, 2001
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    Okay...this idea is kinda ... new.

    Why do you type w/ a patios accent ??

    anyway, nice to meet you - peace.
    and I'll get the ball rolling.

    "Two Cents"

    Ever since I was 2,
    since i was new to the world.

    There was a longing to sense movement,
    in waters, rhythms and girls.

    Now i'm 25 living the nuissance of only a few cents to my pocket
    and I leave my two cents any where I can drop it

    and frustration wants my stomach and rest tied up in loose ends
    cuz people around me are doing ill ****
    REGARDLESS of my two cents
    stressed, up late at night - waaay past when the news ends
    contemplating ways to exchange old for new friends
    but it would suck to catch a cold as soon as your flu ends
    so i pray my energy manifest something that's true , not truant

    2 cents



    so now am i supposed to come up with a title ???

    If I am...

    the title is..............

    "baked beans"
  3. Laydee Chups

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    May 10, 2003
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    :toast: That was great. Thank you for kicking this off. I actually type with a patios accent out of habit, since I've been living in Jamaica nearly all my life when I emigrated it slowly began itegrating it's way into my writing. :D
    I only ever use standard english for formal peices or if I feel it is unapropriate.

    Now come on the rest of you!!!!! Give it a try you have your next title there!!!
  4. LovelyGoldenOne

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    Apr 16, 2003
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    College Student, Bookstore Clerk
    ...down south...
    "baked beans"

    never liked them
    never had them
    never looked at them
    never cooked them

    don't like the words
    don't like the sound
    don't like the way
    eating them sounds

    i may be wrong
    i may be right
    i'll never know
    cuz i'll never try...

    next title:

    "summer rain"
  5. PlayWitItPimp05

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    May 28, 2003
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    Student at MHS.
    a perfectly blighted planet where soul-searching i
    "summer rain"

    Summer rain
    Falls on my face
    And it has my skin radiating
    It has my soul elating
    It has my mind creating
    Images of you and me
    Sitting underneath the wings
    Of Aphrodite
    You touch me
    And drench me
    And I let your spirit clench me
    Until we are bound for eternity
    Your juices play lightly
    Among my sensitivity
    You freak me but love me
    Surely you have me
    Under captivity
    This affair is angelic,
    Yes, heavenly.....
    And as the sun shines brightly
    I take in your erotic desires
    Until it stopped raining
    And we got lost in the fire
    Of the sun, the sun has me
    Just as you do....
    Forever and always
    Will this moment stay true.

    the title is...........