Black People : Hidden Afrikan Truths in Religion

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    Role of Numbers in Ancient Kemet (Egypt)

    By Dr. Kwame Nantambu

    Under the philosophical and spiritual teachings of the ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) Mystery System, the number thirteen represented transformation, resurrection, rebirth and a new life. So in the B.C. era, originally, there was nothing negative, scary, shameful, or unlucky about the number thirteen.

    Its use has only been bastardized in today's cynical, ignorant world, belief systems and modus vivendi. Furthermore, under the ancient Egyptian secret Brotherhood, commonly known today as Freemasonry, the number thirteen had special meaning and significance with regard to the establishment of complete freedom of worship, governance, social order and esoteric philosophy.

    The fact of the matter is that all the early U.S. Presidents were Masons steeped in the teachings and philosophy of the ancient Egyptian Mystery System. These individuals then transferred all the positive aspects of the number thirteen to rule, govern and protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the United States.

    First, when the U.S. Constitution was signed on 17 September 1787, thirteen out of the forty signatories were freemasons. Second, the independence of United States falls on 4 July 1776. This date was timed by Masonic "Founding Fathers" to coincide with the astrological sign of Cancer-which also ruled ancient Egypt. Now, the fourth of July follows exactly thirteen days after the Sun enters the sign of Cancer during the summer solstice beginning 21 June and 4 July. Thus, the United States was founded on ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) spiritual principles and belief. In the year 1776, we have seven plus six, which makes thirteen.

    The "Founding Fathers" of the United States did not arbitrarily select the Fourth of July 1776 as Independence Day. In the tradition of Kemetic spiritually, philosophy and belief systems in the B.C. era, the 4 July 1776 then gave America a new life, a rebirth, a transformation and resurrection from its status as a colony of Britain to that of a new sovereign, independent, nation-state.

    On the whole then, Masonic lodges, based on the principles concepts and belief system of number thirteen were introduced in American colonies in 1738. The Boston Masons organized the "Boston Tea Party" at the Green Dragon Tavern, described by Daniel Webster as "the headquarters of the American revolution."

    When Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Egypt with 328 ships,175 scholars and 35,000 soldiers he was so overwhelmed and totally annoyed at the massive monuments he saw that were built by Afrikan people that he ordered his soldiers to blow off the nose of the Horem Akhet (called the Sphinx by the Greeks). But his soldiers had to fire twenty-one shots in order to blow the nose off the Sphinx: hence, the origin of the "Twenty-one gun Salute" that is performed at Arlington Cemetary in the United States.

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