Black Poetry : hey u pt.2 (reply from my boss[on the other side])

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    Nov 21, 2001
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    i ain't occupied by nothin for too long
    below the mason dixon
    hey u
    on the OTHER side i can see
    u,................. but barely
    thru all the 0's and 1's your vision is blurry
    it's probly distrorted but the image i'm trying
    to make out seems to be a wide nose
    and large lips that appear to form a mouth your facial
    features i can't really tell
    must be the contrast on
    my monitor or something
    wait, is that chicken i smell?
    no it must be some kinda mistake caus now your complexion looks dark enough to be a black man
    and i know that ain't so
    they can't work computers
    they ain't smart enough to flow
    probly just a white boy with a tan
    but your head's shape is crazy
    hair seems to be matted in dreds
    oh, a radical, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii get it! but i got a question for
    u to pose
    why do u speak ebonics in your prose?
    something new i suppose
    reply in the most urgency

    (the truth sometimes isn't what u wanna hear, but it's always furreal)