Black Poetry : hey look we got haters that don't write and won't even try just stay behind the scene and be cry bab

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    hey look we got haters that don't write and won't even try just stay behind the scene and be cry babies some tissues are needed for them because i don't get any credit, and nobody will step up to the plate and take my place

    Like labored writing this flavored and exciting so jot
    Down some hot nouns try stop towns having loco plots
    Like the work force best to be alert on course wearing
    A shirt SOURCE is written on my chest hidden the best sharing
    The rest, look love is hype for beginners but like the SPINNERS
    “Could it be I’m falling in love “but must prepare to buy dinners
    So look I’m at HOME DEPOT with a strong flow on PRINCESS
    ANNE AND LYNNHAVEN been craving for tools a girl in a thin dress
    Caught my eye and I thought pie, maybe ought to try for some
    Yum! Yum! Want every crumb would be very dumb to come
    To a conclusion and not favor this she got flavor in her kiss
    Major hip twist when she walk she hurl butt on a list brisk
    And like WORLD CUP crisp, so girl what up with this, being so
    Fine and beside I’m in a place that provide lace and now oh no
    My mind ride in space she has a critical body and even a political
    Party would agree “SO LOOK BOO I guess all my love talk is digital
    I surprise some because I arise from the hood and prevail with flow
    And never fail to show up for meet and greet with a sweet oh no
    I’m planning my mission while in a standing position and this is
    Expanding tradition when boy meets girl trying to become a wiz
    My game renown and remain sound need a dame to crown as my
    Girl, your lips intact see your hips begin to act look in your eyes
    Shook over your pies then spark a conversation your body fries
    Start domination and so on we end up in bed doing some stuff
    Huff and puff can’t get enough, so boo you could be in bed ruff
    With nicely spread butter and like the ISLEY BROTHERS I be
    A “Choosey Lover” while you juicy under the covers we see
    On the bed on the computer try be a SUPERFLY like CURTIS
    MAYFIELD wanna stay real like RON ONEAL can’t hurt this
    Because my duty is to rap fact while your beauty stay intact
    This not a play act words try slay the whack things been on track
    So boo you divine I wanna sex it please don’t find the exit I’ll
    Be left in the cold not a deft bold thing to do with love trial
    And error expected but don’t wreck it you so wet and soft I may
    Get lost a departure threat could cost a bad affair is tooth decay
    The truth today “let’s stay together” like AL GREENE so up and away
    To the bedroom, we kiss you can get aroused as my wet spouse right
    Here in the house, pies stable and pure unable to endure the flight
    Of the wait for cake I hope to happen dope when rapping yeah toast
    To the hummer with wine it’s almost summertime a big host
    Of asinine excuses do exist and this produces a kiss, so look
    This task is funky like “Brass Monkey” by the BEASTIE BOYS shook
    Not a phony path today like DONNY HATHAWAY AND ROBERTA FLACK
    On a murder track can be “Back Together Again” and alert with facts
    In a dimension that prevail paying attention to detail hardcore and
    And hot and like the FOUR TOPS “When She was my Girl” take a stand
    Got a bold plan being “I’m a Soul Man” like SAM AND DAVE it’s a ****
    Crave nowadays and somehow sways to chicks so for real the cake
    Is there she should let me take her somewhere

    Your plot not enough to get this wet “hot stuff” like DONNA SUMMER
    You wanna Hummer so you can do me my panties wet a number
    Of times right here online, but I jest play it off and now here in HOME
    DEPOT some strong foe exist they call my phone a lot but I’m gone
    Outside and no doubt your ride is nice but you wanna a slice of cake
    For MICKEY MICE sake no doubt my party body rat me out that’s great
    Breasts not phony and that’s testimony about boys trying to get some
    Quick to arouse I’m a “brick house” like The COMMODORES you cum
    To try your hand and want get pie in a pan, because I’m hot and ready
    And you wanna “Rock Steady” like ARETHA FRANKLIN my body sweaty
    Eat a pizza be ranking high in flavor and behavior sugar by the pound
    I’m sweetie girl, boys hound but “people make the world go round”
    Like the STYLISTICS try be ballistic but got pie and twisted but boys
    Try kiss it because it’s a wet biscuit I duck right here in HOME DEPOT
    And that’s a **** shame EVEN EVELYN CHAMPAGNE KING KNOW
    “I’M IN Love” you have a swell plan I feel well in hand but yo oh
    What I’m gonna tell my man doe? I come home late and he realize
    Someone took from his cake, l be shook no escape you best recognize
    That I’m surprised at you trying to snatch me but no match he’s wise
    Your recipe stand think you got destiny in hand but fate tricked you //
    Had to break from tradition my cake cause friction not a quick screw
    Doe, and my juice do flow you wanna be jumping on my cream not
    Getting a pumpkin for Halloween should be coming clean, your plot
    Is to make me your girlfriend because my cake make your world spin
    So I roam and go right here to HOME DEPOT on PRINCESS ANNE when
    I’m a queen with cream nahamean; want me in your arms to rap
    Psychology but like farm technology your HIPHOP CROP grow perhaps
    Hurdle skies and tries to fertilize the root of this cute no nincompoops
    Allowed into a crowd of love, like basketball it’s drastic and all shoots
    Hoops to score pout and down but you out of town with your love talk
    Sex can cost silly must understand the hostility it can cause best walk
    On thin ice it’s been nice but I must depart this place that could start
    A chase some boys don’t take no for an answer but it would be smart
    To do so at this time oh one phat kiss is fine I suppose don’t push your
    luck, because you spoke real you may have broke the seal on more
    Of my emotions and now pour oceans of wetness to boil and soar
    Down there in my underwear I wonder where my boyfriend at right
    Now? Somehow I have to pull this together or whatever could be risky
    Like a bottle of whisky, I think you wanna a nice hug it can get twisty
    I guess the price of love won’t break a pocket but you want cake and
    Chocolate enough to make DAVY CROCKETTE say dang a fake plan
    This new dress show my true breasts and boys be baby booing and
    Mess and going crazy on it, you want me to get in your car and roll
    Lite my charcoal and get a true thrill from my barbecue grill but hold
    Up wait a minute got cake you wanna go up in it, NO dance on a pole
    I’m girl in the city with lace and like P DIDDY AND MASE I “been
    Around the world” that brown dandy girl with renown candy curls win
    The heart of boys then depart these toys wanna a white pearl Benz
    Have ability and habit but not gonna be a silly wabbit while boys run
    Trixs on me, I’m a nice dame but like a dice game boys gamble some
    And rap stout so they won’t crap out win the honey and skate out
    Of town and they want cake to go down town on make me shout
    Scream and cream in my wet dream get to gleam like chrome wow
    My hips prevail like a ship’s sail skip the panic boys wanna sink my
    Titanic have to think before I panic boys adore the romantic and try
    Get some oh gosh I been wet need to talk to KATE WINSLET for
    Real, the fierce unfolds when I pierce a hole in your game in the car
    Best go play because no way you can get this even after a wet kiss
    Not enough but know I got some hot stuff doe so wow I jest reminisce
    Boys embrace my waist and all but like baseball it’s another inning
    And my butter is spinning if you wanna win the game its beginning
    To look like CHRISTMAS its jingle bell and living single as well you
    Wanna go to bed and roll deep while the bed sheets hold heat true
    You can do all that alone I’m gone home can’t love from stone so
    Mark your score because you have darkened my door wanna go
    Home with me huh?

    HE SAID:
    Look boo a girl live best when she give a boy access to her breasts
    He jest wanna bless them your thighs are phat and I’m surprised
    At how fine you are girl you’ll be divine at a bar potentials realized
    We can chow dinner if you allow me to enter your home boo, girl
    Your lace bizarre and you have space for a boyfriend, candy curls
    For a dandy world in the form of a date I bet boys storm your cake
    In my arms I’ll make you my girlfriend and your world will spin great
    Girl you dress sweet we are at Chesapeake HOME DEPOT and LOWE
    Is near wanna kiss oh dear and we can go hear some HIP HOP grow
    Strong in a love affair and above the air fill with tenderness boo
    This is above ‘When Love calls” like the ATLANTIC STARR crew
    Far as love I accept a kiss as proof got a drop top need help with
    The roof I’ll begin in a hummer we can spend summer in swift
    Wind, the power of love could be in a flower bud so boo bloom
    In my room we could have sex absurd so the next word will soon
    Be for a date my car is your fate, you sweet and brave and like
    HEATWAVE “Always and Forever” we stays together to the height
    Of life, romancing a queen is like a “dancing machine” JACKSON 5
    Knows this flow bliss enhancing streams, all this is action and alive
    You a chick attractive quick and active like a live wire this jive require
    Electricity for publicity, my banner is boss and like DIANNA ROSS fire
    “Ain’t no Mountain High Enough” from fountain get stuff like a drink
    Of water think in order with love being first affirm ripe and pink
    So boo got a job to do and it involve you but there’s a kink
    We have to date first got a cake thirst, so anyway got plenty
    To say and must make a start before your cake break apart many
    Crumbs are delicious but a thief bum is suspicious have on penny
    Loafers, strange butters change colors like rainbows and my brain
    Goes wild over your plain style start to talk senile, can’t explain
    So my views on boos we can map it out and have something to
    Rap about pinpoint and begin to anoint our love affair look boo
    We talking “square biz” like TEENA MARIE getting cleaner on TV
    Your panties damp and wet and like a pamphlet they have pages
    As my vocab rages like DANIEL WEBSTER try use words that amazes
    I’m a bright thug after a tight hug I party hardy get a girl’s body
    And sip Bacardi, flip script and yell lotty dotty but never get too snotty
    When I leave HOME DEPOT gonna pop bottles and meet top models
    This is a tall story and wall of glory follows and the HIP-HOP throttles
    My sex drive with the complex scribes I hear black and exact like
    A pack of funk this stuff attack junk like bears on crack to hype
    To hibernate, these whack cats try hate but guy fate could be
    Laid out on a plate after a strong debate so boy I’m a hood G
    Home for cake is good for me, sincerely grab a wish and clearly
    establish an affair let my vocab twist the air your eardrum severely
    Hear some toss up some beer and rum never fearsome this whole
    Episode could be a bold toad sweaty and ready to hop don’t be cold
    So I come to the bar to eat and hear drum beats coming from afar
    I’m stumbling to the car after a glass of tea and fast to see a bizarre
    Cutie with a superstar bootie like BEYONCE AND JLO with ill na na
    Like FOXXY BROWN wanted to go down town immediately and
    Repeatedly but boo I chilled out and went home alone not my plan
    But boo you hot and can understand and you lips are spic-n-span
    Spoken to you and you smoking boo I’m hoping for true love hands
    Up in the air we can mess around like crazy you got that brown gravy
    Jest let me go down town baby

    Here at CHESAPEAKE HOME DEPOT my body protected by heat and
    Affected by sweet hugs that keep clubs on edge while boys stand
    Love to beg for some here on BATTLEFIELD BOULEVARD they have
    Women trimmings and bed linen and lot of other stuff to buy and grab
    My panties are wet and you talk sleazy mess and want easy access to
    My breast so jest throw that out your mind even if you pour wine it do
    Nothing in this matter a kiss could shatter a girl’s lipstick quick any
    chick Will tell you that, tonight domination a polite conversation many
    Words fly like birds in the sky but you not an absurd guy to want sex
    At all, but your stats fall flat like flap jacks if you rap whack the next
    Thing is why wear complex bling? You see fun but there’s stuff to be
    done before that phat plate on cake feel me? Boys wanna ruff me
    Up with their love talk, this is a frequent event in vague terms one
    Book page can confirm that, so turn your hat back it’s a done
    Deal when it cums to sex appeal wanna be a player like BIG PUN
    Yeah you come to spill some run of the mill words in my ear
    And every time my dress up breasts are sucked so it’s really clear
    I jest duck to have the best of luck in dodging the bed nahamean?
    My panties forever thirst for better or worse my clever purse is green
    Tried the club but it was occupied by love already overdue I guess
    I’m like BETTY BOO, have pride no doubt panties not dried out less
    Wetness exist doe just one kiss can go too far so I’m jest gonna play
    It off and the fabrics stay soft you can propose a plan after a rose
    Is in my hand like to sniff flowers they uplift the powers and hose
    My garden it’s starting to bloom soon in your room my crop grows
    So hot it glows girls give props to your flows I jest listen to those
    And duck the kissing episodes, I thirst then desire like EARTH, WIND
    AND FIRE it’s “boogie Wonderland” play music for you like the club do
    I guess it’s all right for me to say Like ANGELA AND RENE “I love you
    more” cums to boys my breasts persuade so progress is being made
    And boys wanna test the lemonade the stress is laid out must evade
    Going to bed knowing my red lips will be kissed many times and plenty
    Wines may exist and my body stay crisp like bagged potato chips, many
    boys try get this, a threat on my pie you wanna “get by” flip
    Script like TALIB KWELI, you chase my butter from one place to
    The another wanna embrace me as a lover you’ll disgrace your crew
    Just to taste my stew a race can do tricks for progress, my lace itch
    At a place which I can’t reveal to you feel me boo? So I have to twitch
    Sometimes, but can’t scratch it here may dispatch a clear sign to boys
    They’ll blow up and go nuts to see a girl touch her thing they jest toys
    HOME DEPOT and you got me hot must start to depart sex I enjoys
    This is sincere graphic I can hear traffic in the background annoys
    Loud motors know you a winner with crew this is an interview and
    I may get dinner to will eat tender stew GOLDEN CORAL will hand
    Me a plate but right now hot have to fan my cake I smell smoke
    At home my doorbell broke, boys be ringing and blinging but nope
    I don’t give them any live above the rim plenty times that’s dope
    I have what it take and that is legit cake to maintain this lifestyle
    A plain dame nice and wild have to use my brain the stay nice awhile
    I think you wanna stroke lace in a remote place I’m witty and nice
    Love city life, a hot kiss can persuade but this is not a parade the dice
    Roll, afraid I’m gonna have to let you go but I’m wet doe my panties
    Dripping wet the situation is gripping but yet it’s sticky like candies
    Oh so wet gonna need a cup of juice” he jest cut loose and grabbed
    Her waist just to have at her lace he really wanted some bad vocab
    Elevated and like UNIBLAB educated on powdered lace in outer space
    Like the JETSONS she’s a wet one, oh he jest kissed her lips and taste
    Her lipstick right there in the CHESAPEAKE HOME DEPOT didn’t waste
    Time on BATTLEFIELD BOULEVARD now he jest got her wet tongue
    So to get sprung oh she couldn’t go anywhere regret being hung
    On phonics this brung ironic thoughts to her head, but it was loud
    And clear quick he proud to be here with a chick was really on “cloud
    9” like the TEMPTATIONS ready to go in it like EDDIE KENDRICK she
    Said wait a minute I have proud cake and not allowed to escape he
    Jest kissed her brown lips and felt her round hips “if you want butter
    And lace we have to go to another place I’m hot dear as she utter
    but not here doe,” “aw it’s legal boo and equal to us getting together
    And letting whatever happen happen” “but you trapping me forever
    With the tonguing “your touch amazes and you rap such phrases as
    I love you boo your facts not shabby think you a hot Mack daddy, jazz
    Getting to me” “you have cake as a dame I’m sweaty and ready to
    take aim I got great game I have a grip on your waist love your true
    Lips and lace let’s take a trip to my place” “I better not but forever
    Hot plus you’ll never stop kissing my lips huh?” oh yes I will your
    breasts thrill and I suggest we build a relationship and kiss galore
    This is fire of course and desire a course of romantic action and like
    JANET JACKSON this could be a SUPERBOWL experience and your
    hype soft and glows” “oh don’t take off your clothes hormones soar
    While cell phones restore love talk on twitter girls home with bitter
    Body heat and consider a boy can party and eat and become a hitter
    Up to the plate and have luck with cake I have to duck and take
    A chill pill and speak direct while the bed sheets collect a great
    Deal of moist, feel your voice my body revealed with a choice to make”
    “Yeah well you choose me boo you phat and fly and I can satisfy
    You girl, girl you fine and the ‘world is mine’ like NAS and my stats fly
    To your eardrum so hear some of what I got to say, you play with
    My emotions and potions of your love is potent like rodents your gift
    Impress wanna lift your dress” “oh no you must be loco the words you
    Dispatch are true but I’m attached to my boyfriend, so boo Whoopi-do
    Close the hatch on that glue it shut got a true butt I just strut and flirt
    Oh my lace is there and that a place where boys like wanna go my
    skirt gonna know rather they’re true or not, got plenty code and try
    Plan it from any mode of fly by transit that’s a load of panic and pie
    Best jest kiss and enjoy the best of this” “boo I have a ride and it’s
    Chrome so I reside at home and combs collide with my dome legit
    Bling reach like a king’s speech wanna put a ring on a peach from
    The beach I come to teach chicks and reach for a quick remedy some
    Are nice” “yeah well the task is made but not a masquerade it’s a fake
    Day you wanna take away my cake and go quick to bed and make
    Me scream and cream text the theme sex is extreme with a lake
    Effect but I must leave right now before something happen for
    Real so I’ll see you around” “ok boo” wow she ran jumped in the car
    Her panties soaking wet she was hoping to get away and did her body
    Now toast she’s thinking how close he was to getting some one more
    Kiss would be all she wrote, all good his words be dope the juice pour
    Galore before she could drive off she had survived a boss love talk
    Attack right here in CHESAPEAKE HOME DEPOT so hot couldn’t walk
    She jest drove away happen on BATTLEFIELD BOULEVARD (THE END
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    My car has a vinyl roof need final proof, rhyme and proceed to be brisk
    and god need not exist to save me like a slave I seek escape on a list
    to be sold like Kunta Kinte of roots, gitting my foot busted on TV
    go to a unique bar riding in a streetcar so I'm on rails as an MVP
    in the rap game trapped with the nickname and must drop HIPHOP
    so it's my mad duty to add beauty to an ugly situation from the tip top
    try make it pleasing cats on the take and squeezing my game to a degree
    heard a girl say its an absurd world but she has respect for boys, see
    they wreck toys such as love affairs, to reality my brain clings and its
    hard to explain thing like wingless birds I've flown corrupt its legit
    for grown-ups manage to stay bold like J COLE jest “Love Yours”