Destee Network : Hey guys,im back again......LURK


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Sep 12, 2002
Shaolin,New York
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I hope some of you guyz remember here every so often...ive alwayz planned on droppin into the open mic session but because im alwayz busy and i got a 3 yr old runnin around all thetime,i never got around to it...if khasm still around,whuts up dawg...RICH$ nice,whuts up playaaaaa!!!!poeticly speakin,hey girl....Hodee,whuddup!!Destee of course,with ya fine self!!how do ya do...i see business is poppin...Thats good...

i just wanted to let you know i'l be around more...and also ,as a select gew of yall know,i was recording an album the last year and a half.....i also been workin on production and guest appearances for my main man Da Street So'ja...(yall definately gotta remember him!!!)also known as DSS....just to give you guyz a sample of whut i sound like,please check out these tracks....

these are a few of my soundclick the yellow u will see
"music" underlined...just click that and next to the songs u will see 'lo fi' or 'hi fi',click 'hi fi' for best quality....(just in case yall dont know how to hear the songs...)

"Take Two" & "And when I get......"

"i sweat blood staring off into a horizon of a dead sun//
when stress comes,i murder thoughts backwards like 'redrum'//
2 weeks deep in this slumber,f**k im losing sleep//
sleeps precious,especially when ur used to the zzzzz's//'-Lurk

and this is
"Real Hip Hop still Breathes..."

its a collab with one of my group members,Kremp.....

all of music is from the heart....those who know of me,i hope you could relate and feel whut im sayin....

these are just 3 songs,there'll be much more to come....

please leave some feedback if u can,it would be apreciated alot...


Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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Brother LURK ... Welcome Home ... :wave:

You sound excited about what you're doing, that is a good thing! You're making me excited with and for you! Wishing you much success with your endeavor!

I have moved your post from the Poetry Forum, and placed it in the Web Sites / Technology / Business Forum ... since you are promoting your endeavors ... and this is the forum where that is allowed. Only poetry goes in poetry.

I do hope you'll be able to join us in voice chat soon!

Again ... welcome home!




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May 13, 2003
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Wellllllll now...check out brotha Lurk :) back and in action :wave:

I did check out da links and I like brotha :)

I see you are still faithful to YOU and that is lovely :wave:

SO wonderful to have you back :grouphug:

I voted on da soundclick thingie cause its mos def NOT a flop :) :great: :)

my love to you and yours my Boriqua Brotha :)

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