Black Poetry : Hey Destee Fam!!! Alternate Reality


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I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this yall!!!!! I didn't see everybody, but I wrote about what I could see...I'll make another trip and write about some of the other poets!!!!!!

As I was entering the flow
Expecting to come to Destee’s Playground
I was transported to another realm
Parallel to this one yet different

I looked and there was no Destee
But there was Desiree
and this was her Backyard
I searched a little further
Looking for familiar faces

What I saw was an aggregation
Of poets similar yet different
From my family

There was no Amun Ra
But there was Osiris
Spouting words of Wisdom

No $$Rich$$ flying through the air
But there was G$Money cruising
The boulevard in his Turbo Saab

I saw one who reminded my of Alyce
But she told me her name was Alice
The creator of vibes from Wonderland

There was no Watcher
But there was a Listener
Who was an ear to those in need

I thought I saw baller
But instead it was someone
*Bling* *Bling* flashing his
gold and diamonds

Da Street So’Ja in this world
Was called the revolutionary
Liberating the world
From itself

I saw a blak man
He called himself
The Nubian Night
Sporting a raised fist on his shirt

Then there was Georgia Peach
Who promised to bring a ray of
Sunshine to my life

Afri I thought I saw you there girl
But then I realized it was
Ashante Singer
Man she could lullaby me anyday

Cocobutterskyn girl I met your twin
She calls herself Aloe Vera

MaddRapper was replaced by
The Happy MC
And the GQ man himself
Had a brother called

I looked up in the Haiku Forum
And I thought that was Joyce
But it was Janet
Spouting vibes from her new book
Holy is a Sistah’s Luv

Ubzorbshun was replaced
By Release oooooweee did she release!!!

Reason’s Twin was named Logic

On the Mountain
I saw Dynamo
Brother of Dnommo
Flowing from his lab
About the goodness of the Savior

An on the erotic side
All Spice was and equal
For our own Garlic Salt

Hey Bruce I saw a guy
By the name of
Cardiac Arrest
Man his flow will kill ya!!

And then off in the Distance
I saw a Lighthouse
So you know I had to go there…

What do you know my key worked
I went in but I did not see a Black Panther Rug
But I saw a Bed in the form of a White Tiger
No Champagne being chilled
But a bottle of Merlot in the ice bucket

No Jazz playing but instead it was
Classic love ballads ringing thru the air
And I turned around and behold I came face to face
With he
Who overlooks Love Sea
In this reality
He calls himself the Doctor
For he heals the maladies of Love…..
He is Love’s Physician

Then just as I appeared I disappeared
only to reemerge
back in Destee’s Playground
Be it ever so humble
There’s no place like home.


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Sep 20, 2001
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I got a kick out this one. :)
Nice Bishop.....


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
aweeeee!! Bishop snap!

dis was A-1 str8 off da chain and man there's no place like home
I really love da reality check u ran into and thank u for bringing it home

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