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I've been lurking around destee for years and finally decided to make an account. I've been scrawling the net for african or black online communities with like minded folks. I've been to a lot and been disappointed to find so many black people with white minds.

Black people who defend racism against black people and its totally frustrating. I'm afraid my opinions might polarize so I hope not to not offend. Destee has been a place I always visited to find mostly "pro black views" or I guess views that are for black interest and its comforting.

I've been really looking into modern media and how damaging it has been to black people, of being subjected to white images for hundreds of years. But I haven't really seen any topics on that subject. But anyways just wanted to say hi and thanks for letting me join and stuff.
It's steps. What I have noticed with "black people" or white apologists, is they either do not know or do not care how they got to where they are. They are stuck in the Slavery is over mentality, so they forget the efforts to destroy black communities since slavery. This is the main reasons why they are so triggered by things like CRT because knowing the steps of the past is the only way that things will change for the black community.

The prevailing thought is they are where they are through their effort alone with no mind to the ones before them that laid the foundation for the path they now walk. No one gets to where they are at now without the steps before them. You can't chart where you are at without knowing how you got there...


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