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    I am going to be totally honest with you. I hope that you will read this through before forming your opinion. Baby I want you! I want to be able to show you why I express myself to you the way that I do. I want to shower you with love, affection and passion too. I want to go back to what we once had, you know, do all the things we used to do. I want to start right here by saying that I truly love you. I know it’ll take time for you, but I am more than willing to wait. I want it to be real love that you anticipate. I have never stopped caring for you, and that is the honest to God truth. I just want the chance..will you let me show and prove? Your kiss is so sweet, I just love the feel of your lips. You feel so good in my arms, with my hands caressing your hips. I miss the feel of your body…the way I used to make it sway and move. The way you sat on my lap as we created our own groove. The way you moaned and sighed in my ear used to turn me on so much. Our bodies fit just right from the very first touch. I yearn for the time when I will hold you close again. I will whisper softly in your ear, as our bodies toast again. What I speak here is with seriousness and comes straight from my heart. I want you to feel these words I so passionately impart. You said you want to be paid attention to, loved and courted, and shown affection. I want to be your support, your helping hand, and your daily protection. I hope all of this makes sense, I just want you understand. I want to be your friend, your lover, your keeper, your man. Forgive me if my words seem a little unjust. I only want to earn your heart and soul, your mind and body, and your unsolicited trust. Sweetheart, I miss you already and you’re not even gone yet.. I hope after reading this, you’re not angry, bitter or upset. I love you. I want you. I miss you!
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    letting her know of thy love is the key nice drop