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    By Andre Austin

    The Gospels love to mirror some of St. Paul’s travel plans with that of mythological figures. For example the travels of Apollonius of Tyanna parallels St. Paul’s. Nevertheless, I’m gonna get T.D. Jakes, or somebody, to throw me a TD touch-down pass for this here bomb I’m finna drop on you. Hesiod was a Greek poet from Greece in the 8th century running down the genealogy of some of the Greek gods they stole from Egypt. The book of Acts 13 & Hesiod’s Theogony lines 161-225 bear a striking resemblance.

    Hesiod’s explanation of Venus birth:

    “Children of mine and of an evil father, I wonder wheter you would like..[to] redress for your father’s cruelty.

    The great crooked schemer Chronos (Time) took courage, and soon replied to his good mother

    Great heaven, bringing on the night, and, desirous love, he spread himself over earth, stretched out in every direction. His son reached out from the ambush with his left hand; with his right he (Chronos/Time) took the huge sickle with its long row of sharp teeth and quickly cut off his father’s genitals, and flung them behind him to fly where they might. They were not released from his hand to no effect, for all the drops of blood that flew off were received by Earth, and as the years went round she bore powerful Erinyes (Goddess of retribution), and the great Giants…

    [The phrase “placing of hands” is a common theme for making eunuchs in the OT & NT]

    As for the genitals, just as he first cut them off with his instrument of adamant and threw them from the land into the surging sea, even so they were carried on the waves for a long time. About them a white foam grew from the immortal flesh, and in it a girl formed. First she approached holy Cythera, (Island near Peloponnese); then from there she came to sea-girt Cyprus. And out stepped a modest and beautiful goddess, and the grass began to grow all round beneath her slender feet. Gods and men call her Aphrodite (Venus-Isis), because she was formed in foam, (the Greek word for foam is Aphros), and Cytherea, and Cyprus-born because she was born in wave-washed Cyprus, and genial (genitals). Eros and fair desire attended her birth and accompanied her as she went to join the family of gods. And this has been her allotted province from the beginning among men and immortal gods:

    The whisperings of girls; smiles; deceptions,

    Sweet pleasure, intimacy, and tenderness.

    As for those children of great heaven, their father who begot them railed at them and gave them the surname of Titans, saying that straining tight in wickedness they had done a serious thing, and that he had a title to revenge for it later.

    Night bore hateful doom and dark fate and death, she bore sleep…Night bore painful misery

    And Baleful night gave birth to resentment also an affiction for mortal men”.

    All of these affliction associated with night are consistent with the punishment in Acts chapter 13:11-12 “You are going to be blind for a time [Chronus] you will be unable to see the light of the sun. Immediately mist and darkness [night] came over him”.

    Keep in mind of Herodotus, the first Greek historian who said: “The names of nearly all the gods came to Greece from Egypt” (Herodotus Book 2:50). This was said in conjunction with the talks of Homer & Hesiod if you continue just a few verses more in his book.

    I find it very peculiar that Paul in Acts chapter 13 is castrated then leaves off for Paphros (named for Venus-Isis), Cyprus where he meets a child of a Devil. The first tip-off came from the keen eyes of Bible historian Joe Atwill’s masterpiece Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah p.352: “The story of Paul’s castration is Black comedy and is given in Acts 13:1-9”…Then the Holy Spirit (Emperor Domitian), for some reason, orders Saul/Paul “separated”-the Greek word used can also mean “severed”-and the group then placed their hands on him-the word used for placed can also mean attack”.

    Venus is associated with Lucifer (Devil).

    Joe Atwill also informed us that Titus name in Greek is Teitan which equals 666 and then quotes Irenaeus, Against Heresies 5,30,3) who links a Teitan/Titan with the Anti-Christ (Shakespeare Secret Messiah p.310-311).

    So if Paul is being made a parody of Hesiod’s Theogony then a requirement is needed of three elements:

    1. A castration (see Acts chapter 13:1-12 & Philippians 3:2) The Dog who mutilates the flesh of Paul in Philippians is known as the Dog-Anubius who in turn “Some are of the opinion that Anubis is Cronus (Time)” (Isis & Osiris p107 by Plutarch).

    2. Being associated with Paphros, Cyprus (Acts 13) and meeting a children of Devil (wickedness)

    3. And having a spiritual son/daughter of Venus (Titus 1:4) . Paul calls him by his first and last name of Titus Flavius Clemens (Pope Clement 1 Philippians 4:3), whose first Titus is 666 and his title of the Pope =666 too.

    4. Emperor Titus is 666 and his followers originally came from the Chief of priest (Pope Clemens/Clemens) and his followers. They were not allowed to buy or sell (Rev 13), and Paul being the Black horse of famine (Rev chapter 6) was included in this.


    Robert Eisenman in his book James the brother of Jesus and the Dead sea scrolls Volume 1 p.237 states: “Flavius Clemens possibly Clement”. This is in keeping with the 3rd century Christians who believed the same thing.

    Plutarch along with Herodotus agree that the story of Titans as told by Hesiod were Egyptian in origin. See Plutarch’s Isis & Osiris:

    “The exploits of the giants and Titans celebrated by the Greeks and the lawless deeds of a Cronus (Saturn)…do not fall at all short of the exploits of Osiris and Typhon (Satan)…p61

    “The tales regarding the Titans and the rites celebrated by night agree with the accounts of the dismemberment of Osiris and his revivification and regenesis” p87

    Paul in Acts 13 goes to Paphos (Venus/Lucifer) and meets a sorcerer names Bar (son) Jesus and another one Elymas, child of the devil. It appears they to be one and the same Elymas bar Jesus.

    Elymas=El & mas reminds me of Christ-Mass which Saturnalia is a festival to Christmas

    “Cronus (Saturn) the wily, youngest and most terrible of her children. Earth urges her children to punish heaven for his sinful acts”. (see Cliff motes on Greek classics p.77). Acts 13 follows the same by punishing Elymas Bar Jesus by being blind for the sun for a time. Cronus was time.

    Cliff notes on Mythology p.48 reports “Night alone produced such beings as doom, fate, death, Sleep, Dreams and a long list of other atrocities that steal upon men in darkness.

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